Little Fluffy

Little Fluffy is bunny number three in the series. There's something to be said for making the same pattern a number of times. The first didn't turn out quite as imagined. I'm pretty happy with how number two turned out, and he's patiently waiting to go to his new home. Number three, Little Fluffy, had a whole new set of problems in the making, possibly to do with trying to sew fur in the extreme heat. Nonetheless I'm pleased with how she's turned out and I think Grace will be too. Little Fluffy is especially for her.

It's funny but when I was first thinking about the recycled Whiplash, my mind drew a blank. I was thinking, oh a rag rug would be good for this but rag rugs are definitely for long winter nights crocheting in front of the telly. Not for days on end where the temperature doesn't drop much below 30C even at night. (I know, I should really stop complaining about the heat....) Then I thought of the bunnies. And about how I'm already so in the mindset of re-using fabric and materials that I forget that I'm doing it. I use recycled material partly because I am really cheap and partly because these are the materials that interest me in the first place.

Little Fluffy's body is made from an old single bed woollen underlay, parts of which have seen better days. All the bits around the edge are fine though. So far this cast off has been used to make an insert for Grace's stroller and three bunnies. An old pillow cover of similar material has been used for doll hair. I can see myself continuing to find new uses for this stuff. It's such a great material to work with, easy to sew as long as you trim the edges and completely machine washable. It also has has a very appealing feel, much nicer in my opinion than most toy fur.

The feel of the material is something that I've been thinking about alot. I wanted to use fabrics that Grace likes to touch for comfort. So I included a patch of rough blanket on the stomach and some cotton for the ear linings. The cotton is part of an old ladies shirt that my mum made into a dress for Grace last year. It's Liberty lawn, one of my favourite cottons in the whole world and already soft from many washes.  The only new material used was the sewing cotton and embroidery thread, but they were from my stash and formed a minor part of the project. Which leads me to the stuffing.

Up to now, I've been using poly stuffing, because that's what I have to use up and it washes well. However it occurred to me that a stuffing could be made from all those tiny scaps that usually get thrown away and from clothes too scaffy for the opshop. So I cut these bits and pieces up as fine as I could. This is what little fluffy is stuffed with and it worked well. A little firmer than the polyfill but I think that's a good thing. So I might keep a bag of this on the go. I remember when my Mum used make toys back in the seventies, she used to buy bales of stuffing that may well have been made from fabric waste. Much finer than this, but the same idea. I wonder if anyone still makes it. It seems a great way of using everything up. I love using everything up.

There's nothing very weird about this waste, so it would have to go in category one for the normal use of pre-used materials. Loved making the bunnies, but I can't imagine making ten of them so I'm not putting my hand up for the Reform School prize. And even if I was interested in selling them, I'd do it locally as I'm thinking it wouldn't be very environmentally sensible to send them half way around the world.



  1. Your creation is wonderful. I was particularly captured by the fabric of the ears - Liberty Lawn! What a great name. I will keep it in mind :-)

  2. I like the shot of fluffy from below, can really see her grinning :)
    (Our son has two stuffed rabbits; one's named Hoppy and the other is Rabby)

  3. I love Fluffy.
    And I love the idea of using cut up scraps for stuffing. I've been using an oozing cushion that got wrecked in the washing machine to stuff the little things i've been making (lately, felt cookies for a 4 year old's birthday, but I never remember to photograph anything).

  4. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm taking up kniting again. Haven't done it in years and had to find a How-To book but just finished a cotton knit wash/dish cloth. Your bunny is cute. I may try to sew up some stuffed animals for my grandkids. So far I've only made a sock monkey. Thanks for your great blog.
    Yours truly- Elaine from Luray VA USA

  5. Little Fluffy rocks. And so does all the reusing.

  6. Awwww - I want one! These fluffy bunnies of yours are just the most loveable little scary looking creatures I've seen.

  7. I love this bunny- amazing craftswomanship!