OK, so this is last minute blogging. We're off today for two and a bit weeks at the beach. Yesterday was full of packing and last minute sewing. Can't go away without some last minute sewing, oh no. Last night I archived all my summer photos. So summer's nearly over. February always goes so fast. Anyway I'm sure there will still be warm enough weather for beachy activites. We're going to my aunts beach house down near the prom. A place that I spent a lot of time at as a child and my memory is that it's pretty nice this time of year. 

I was going to do a selection of various different types pictures that never got posted, but the ones I was most taken with were my corn shots. Especially after seeing the yummy corn Kris grew. Like I said, I'm a bit jealous of her corn. We got a couple of meals out of ours but it wasn't the nicest corn I've ever grown. Oh well, some years are better in the vegie garden are better than ever. Around Christmas, the corn was full of promise.

A month or two later, at the time the corn should be really nice, it's all brown. I grown corn most years and am familiar with the brown. In fact I quite like the look of it and often leave the dry corn standing until about May. But normally the brown comes after the corn is harvested. Some cobs we'd missed. But some were just not ready yet.

Alrighty, I have to finish packing. And Grace is running through the house, yelling Daaaarh and Gang. Finding things to pull out. Maybe I need to do some more sewing. No time. I'm not even going to open my bloglines. That will have to wait. Chances are there'll be an internet cafe visit or two while we're away but I'm going to try hard not to miss it. Can't believe how much part of my day this has become. Any way the salt water calls. See you in a week or two.


suse said...

Have a great break. Look forward to a catch up when you return.
Love the brown corn shots.

Kris said...

I'm sorry about the corn but gosh, it makes for a stunning photo. You're a great photographer. On your comments on my post: my tomatoes are really sick too. They were gorgeous and lush and now they're straggling and just really sad looking.

daisies said...

oh wow ~ these corn photos are absolutely brilliant, gorgeous, divine :)
hope you enjoy your time at the beach ... ah, the beach, sand and sun while I look out at endless snow and frozen winds ;-)
enjoy your vacation!! :)

h&b said...

Hey !
Have fun !
We just got from a week of the same.
And it was

VictoriaE said...

I like the corn in brown. But it looks good in green too. Have a great holiday.

Penni said...

I miss you already!
Hope you have a fabulous time.

waspgoddess said...

Gorgeous photographs of the corn, even when it's dressed in brown it's beautiful.
Have a wonderful holiday.

Kerryn said...

Have a wonderful, relaxing, sand and water filled holiday!
The last corn shot, with the brown/gold against the blue of the sky? Stunning!

Sian said...

Hi Janet,
Have a fantastic holiday-I posted a few back a bit late it meant alot to me at the moment that you talked about depression.
You rock

Penni said...

Aren't you back YET?