Consulting the terribly shallow oracle of the interweb

It's very hot. Very hot. I've been watching a climate disaster movie on telly, the one where the earth descends into an ice age over the course of a week. The young men searching for medicine to save the damsel with scepticemia were about to be attacked by wolves that escaped from the zoo so I just had to stop watching. I'm sure it had a happy ending. Of sorts. Anyway, onto the meme.

I got this meme from Sara and it's strangely irresitible. Well, I couldn't wait to do it. (Actually I first did it earlier this week when I read Sara's, but memes are for Friday nights here) It's super easy, no thinking of favourites or opinions. Which is what you need when it's nearly midnight and still in the 30s. What you do, is google "your first name" needs. Eg Janet needs. So according to google, the first ten things (with original spelling and punctuation) that Janet needs are:
  1. 500 more tiles!!! So that you don't waste your time making a beautiful tile only to find out it can't be used.... (yes really, this was first)
  2. our help
  3. access to my...
  4. to be terminated on a nearby JANET backbone node to avoid complications (what the?)
  5. to realise that she cannot compare to BEYONCE (the first Janet Jackson reference)
  6. to stop being so proud (second Janet Jackson reference)
  7. another cat
  8. to raise the bar (the third)
  9. to relize that ever thing comes to a end (the fourth and my favourite, on reflection)
  10. to be micro managed
So yes indeedy, the somewhat shallow oracle of the interweb knows what I need. Hmm, another cat?

Is anyone else going to do this? Go on, you know you want to.


Shula said...

The movie does end happily ever after, believe it or not.

em said...

Hilarious! I'll have to give it a go.

penni said...

Oh hilarity.
I'll post my results tomorrow.