Back in the olden days

Logo_23When I think of black and white photography, I think of the family snaps from my childhood. Old photos, on paper with white borders. Before digital photography, before colour photography was affordable (or even available) to the masses. Our family albums aren't in colour until some point in the seventies. And even then it's a washed out faded type of colour. Unlike the black and white photos, they haven't aged well. 

I don't remember when this picture was taken but I'm guessing that I'd probably be five or six, so sometime in the late sixties. As further evidenced by the cars in the background. There's another photo taken on the same day and I'm walking away from a horse drawn wagon with a very serious look on my face, so I'm also guessing that it's some type of family picnic or event with children's rides. The jumper I'm wearing is no doubt a mohair hand knit, probably made by my mum.

This photo was probably nicked from my parent's collection when I was a young adult and stuck to some sharehouse bedroom wall with blue tack. So it's not in pristine condition like the ones that have been kept in an album, but that just makes me like it even more. Not sure why, maybe because the photo has been out in the big wide world and has the marks to show for it?

See others in black and white here.


  1. oh I like the sellotape marks on the corners ... I like that this picture has been out in the *big wide world*

  2. I am always intrigued by black and white photos no matter what their subject. They are so evocative of a romantic and mysterious past, I think. My own childhood photos are all in the faded tones you mention - that type of film evokes the 70s for me.

  3. interesting snapshot. thinking of what the story might be behind it.

  4. you were such a cutie :) what a lovely photo to have ...

  5. Love the photo. A bit eiry in a good way. I agree, photos taken pre-90s always look the best.
    Glad typepad isnt barring my comments anymore!