Art therapy

So as is often the case on a Tuesday, Mum came over to spend time with me and Grace. As Grace is making the transition to just one nap in the afternoon we had lots of time to sit and sew. We haven't done that for a while, summer not being the best time for hanging around the sun room. I've cleared up some of the mending and odd projects that have been hanging around my sewing space, so I felt reasonably calm about tackling the current for pleasure project. I know it would be sensible to make a couple of new summer outfits for me and Grace but frankly, at the moment I don't really care if we dress in rags. Quite freeing actually.

I've been working on a new look face for my bunnies. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out (photos in a day or two). Anyway as I was battling the tangle that is my embroidery cottons, Mum told me about how her mother used to make cardboard bobbins out of the lovely cardboard that used to come with new stockings. I don't think I've worn stockings since my twenties (eew, I hate them, yuck) so I cast around for some other cardboard, ripping the side off the beer box. And spent another hour or so winding my cottons. I am so pleased, it makes me feel all sort of crafty and organised. Mum started on a new jumper for Grace, even though I think it's way to hot to knit.

Grace joined us after her nap and was most pleased to wake up and find Nana still there. She played quite happily with her books, bits of cardboard and pieces of cotton. Until Tony the cat turned up and there was a bit of a scuffle over the washing basket. He hightailed it back outside. Whereupon Grace amused herself with pulling the plug out of the sewing machine. Which I guess is why I don't get to sew much at the moment.

This is a little sneak preview of work in progress. Creepy huh?

I think in this state he looks quite evil. Perhaps I am being a little over sensitive. Anyway, he no longer looks like this. I don't think I could bear to leave a bunny in this state. Grace has been trying to get her paws on him ever since I turned him right way out, but I think this bunny may have another home to go to. There's yet another bunny, still to be assembled, that Grace can add to her growing collection of cuddly critters.

All in all, a pleasant afternoon.  And despite the weather forecast, it rained. Lovely big wet thundery rain with some hail. Grace ran about outside saying, wain, wain. Yes sweetie, that's rain. And we just love it.


Shula said...

We at poppalina have gone on the public record as saying that toys that have a touch of the evils are OK with us.
Beer box cardboard is so good, don't you think?

Janet said...

Indeed Beer Box cardboard is an excellent resource and is in endless supply around here.
I like the thought that this almost too cute bunny has an inside out evil inner soul, even in passing. We may have to play in that direction at some stage methinks.

kel said...

there is a dark side to all of us, stuffed toys included - haven't you seen monsters inc?

VictoriaE said...

We're getting a little rain here tonight. And it's funny how happy it makes everyone feel these days - so precious.
I like that photo of your mum and daughter together.

Vanessa said...

let it rain, let it rain, let it rain...
we've got too much of it here but I remember what it was like to live somewhere where we craved it and danced around happily when it came! enjoy.
thanks for stopping by my blog and lending your sweet advice... which I will no doubt follow (eventually!).

h&b said...

Yes, that bunny did have a touch of the Voodoo about him. So pleased to hear he was inverted and converted....