Pale, bleached summer morning

For a change, this morning I was not running horribly late for work. Only acceptable late. Within five minutes of my scheduled starting time even. I sat in the car for a few moments waiting for the airconditioning and fiddling with the Beth Orton tape that I lke to sing along to while I'm driving. Badly, I might add, and the tape is making scratchy sounds in places, oh. The light bounced off metallic surfaces, glinting and shimmering. Washing out the colour. Mornings in early summer are really different, all light green and dancing colours. Sun that doesn't seem certain to stay the whole day. This part of summer, the part we're in now until we start getting reliably cool nights and shortening days it's all about the glare. And this year, the heat. And making your peace with it, or escaping from it. Not hot absolutely all the time, but rolling along in big hot waves.  Tonight is quite lovely. Cool enough to think. Cool enough to sleep well.
 This morning, it didn't feel that hot at first, not for the first hour, but it had that Melbourne feeling of a very hot day to come. I'd gone to bed  reluctantly, all hot and tired and woke without having used the blanket at all. Grace and I each had a big glass of water first thing this morning. She didn't want hers at first but I handed it to her and stood in front of her drinking mine. If I'd told her to drink it she'd have pushed it away, of course. Once she started drinking, the sips turned to gulps, her big brown eyes saying, yes mummy, this is what I need.

I enjoyed the air conditioning at work today, even if work itself was all a bit busy and difficult. Once I had time to check my email etc I found that my holidays have been approved. I thought they would be, but I never feel comfortable about confirming arrangements until I get the formal big tick. Yay. Early March, two weeks at the beach (thank you). Hopefully it will still be warm enough to swim in the sea and not all smoky from the fires (please don't let the fires still be going in March). Maybe the drought will break with big storms across the ocean beaches, interspersed with warm, calm days for swimming. Barbeques at night. Some nights with extended family. Big messy dinners and scrappy lunches. Boardgames. A trip to a country town for opshopping and an hour in an internet cafe where G can make his chess moves, I can look at blogs. We've always done quick internet cafe visits on our travels. This will be the first time I'm not shifting from foot to foot or waiting in the car. It'll be a family thing, Grace can get her five minutes of Boobah too. Any time I get on the computer these days, she's pulling at my side, trying to push me off my chair saying Baa Baa. It's clear what she wants. I worry about what I've started. Although I pleased that G didn't let her play Boobah today. They did other, more interesting things.

When I got home from work, I played outside with Grace after she'd finished her dinner and marvelled how the cool change had made the light all soft. Compared to this morning, that is.

Even with the heat and endless drought, I much prefer mid summer to mid winter with it's dark days and endless drizzle. Cold seeping into everything, yech. I haven't worn shoes for months and I like that. I read in the paper during my afternoon teabreak that the signs are that El Nino is breaking down which means that the drought could break this autumn. Maybe we'll get storms on the beach afterall.

Did I say I'm looking forward to our holiday? I think I did.

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shula said...

On ya, Janet.
May the rains come soon.