Only six weird things about me?

So many memes, so little time. But I'm going to do this one tonight because sooz tagged me and then h&B did too. A change from talking about the weather. First off, the RULES: People who get tagged need to write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog. (I avoid tagging, but we'll see how we go)

At first I found it really difficult to think of six weird things about me. It's not that I don't think I'm weird. I feel weird much of the time but it's very difficult to separate out actual weird things. I don't even think these things are in themselves weird, idiosyncratic maybe, but not weird. So does that make me a freak?

  1. I only wear flannellette shirts is summer and autumn. Perfect over a singlet or t-shirt when it's a bit nippy at night. But I don't like them with a jumper over the top, so I stop wearing them once jumper weather settles in. I bought several flannies when I was pregnant. They were great for breast feeding and slopping around the house covered in baby spew. I always feel a bit self conscious when I wear them out, like to the supermarket, because I don't quite carry the wearing of said flanny as an alternative subset of cool. And you never know who you'll meet at the supermarket.
  2. No matter what we eat at night, I tend to serve it bowls. Because we eat in front of the telly more often than not. I keep resolving to change this but probably never will. I blame my parents. Grace will be able to blame me, when she's a grown up and doesn't want to eat her tofu watching telly while the world falls apart.
  3. I have sometimes dubious tastes in childrens books. This is one of my favourite domestic scenes from a book floating around the study floor this week.(Me and My Big Surprise, story by Denise Burt, Photography by Haworth Bartram, Childerset, Autralia 1982)  We have a K-mart sourced copy of that toaster. 
  4. This shits G no end, but I must lie awake in bed for a full half hour before getting up. Stretching, snoozing, thinking and delaying the inevitable. So If I have to leave at 8.30am, that means setting the alarm for 6.30am. Any later and I wouldn't have time to eat my breakfast, make my lunch, chat with Grace, read some of my novel, check my internets, have a poo and shower before scurrying off to serve the public at work.
  5. I am quite obsessed with being regular. Because awful things happen if you aren't. I won't go into details, there are others I can have that conversation with. I'm quite proud that I said poo on the internet (and not in relation to a baby). Heehe, smirk. Freak.
  6. I can wiggle the toes on my right foot from side to side. I'm doing it now. Gross.

There, that was pretty easy. I could think of many more I'm sure. I'm not going to do h&bs other meme, the one about five things I 've never revealed on my blog. Honestly I can't think of anything I haven't already said or will say one day if the context presents. That I would say in my blog. If you know what I mean.

So who am I going to tag? Rachel, Kerryn, Kel, if you're interested. If it doesn't appeal, don't. I won't be fussed.


h&b said...

Thought about you over Vegemite toast this morning and a belated reading of "Epicure".
Not a very good pic on the website, but look at 'about us' at:
See that ?
To the left of the pic ?
The 'organic' room divider ?
Made from stiffened, folded ribbons of felt, apparently.
Yours was executed and looked much better though. I can send you the epicure article ( with big pic ) if you're interested...

VictoriaE said...

I'm so into that domestic scene from that dubious book. And thinking it might be time to start wearing flannys again, they are subset something if not cool.
Susan Johnson has another book out in the last few years that is really really good - if I'm thinking of the right writer it's a memoir/imagination about Charmaine Swift (her mother?)? You would like it.

Gina said...

Who has more groovy hair the mom or the dad?

Kerryn said...

I loves me a "flanny" but mine is usually winter wear only and I definitely don't wear them out of the house.
The Susan Johnson book that VictoriaE mentioned is The Broken Book. It's currently languishing at the bottom of my TBR pile. I have too, too many books.
(PS. I succumbed to the lure of the meme...)

kel said...

oops, I only just came across this
don't recall getting a tag on my blog, but that was the week I started a new job and had the outlaws staying with me!?!
sorry, will see what I can rustle up on this one soon :)