Meme, The A to Z of me

Haven't done a Friday night meme for a while, so I thought I'd give this one from Kerryn a go. I might as well stay up, it's too hot to go to bed and actually sleep.

A is for AGE: I'm 43. People often say I look younger and I have several theories on why this might be. Fat makes your face look younger. I don't act like I'm in my forties, indeed I don't really know how forty somethings are supposed to act these days. When I was young, middle aged women wore sensible Fletcher Jones type clothes and carried themselves with dignity. Except my mother, of course, which mortified me.

Did I just say that I'm middle aged? Yikes.

B is for BEER of choice: If I drink beer it is usually Tooheys Red which is what G buys. His mates call it Bridgewater Red. Bridgewater is an outer suburb of Hobart. If I'm buying I quite like Boags. He reckons it's a girls beer.

C is for CAREER: Oh, for effs sake. I'm a servant of the public. I try and do a good job and be nice to those I serve. Even when it's difficult. There is so much I could write about my job, if I was less concerned about being found out and not having the job. It's not a career. I'd rather have a life. Some people manage both but I'm not one of them.

D is for favourite DRINK: Bickfords diet lemon with soda. Living on the edge, adding some ice and bitters. Coffee. Iced coffee.

E is for ESSENTIAL: Sunglasses. Hat. Camera. Computer.

F is for FAVOURITE: song at the moment: It's Not the Spotlight, sung by Beth Orton. It comes from the bonus disc with pass in Time, a CD I listened to again and again while I was in labour. And again when I went nuts. I heard Rod Stewart singing it on the middle aged radio station the other day. I think I may have to dig out Atlantic Crossing again some time soon. Actually I think, not only do I need a new Beth Orton car tape, but I need a Rod Stewart one too.

G is for favourite GAME: Scrabble. I was unbeatable until I taught G my moves. Now he wins at scrabble and chess so I don't play any more. It's just unbearable. There's a beach holiday coming up so maybe I'll have to get back into it.

H is for most memorable HOLIDAY: Central Australia in 2004. Sleeping in the car. Camping. More scenery than we could handle. Uluru, more than we imagined. Camping in the freezing cold with the incessant noise of the generator making the power to heat the tourists hotels of the rich. Alice Springs. Hermansburg, where Albert Namitjera was born. Real bush camping in the MacDonnells.

I is for INSTRUMENTS played: Sadly ,none. I briefly tried to learn the guitar but I have no musical talent whatsoever. None.

J is for favourite JUICE: Orange. Or that weird four fruits with guava, but only in certain moods.

K is for KIDS: One. She is nearly two. I have to remind myself sometimes that Grace was not put on earth just to fill me with beauty and love. We travelled a long, sad road to have Grace. I'm glad we kept going.

L is for LAST KISS: This morning as I kissed Grace and Gerard goodbye. Grace pushed me away and said bye. She loves saying bye, bye, bye and hello.

M is for MARRIAGE: Probably never going to happen in the formal sense. Friends said that when we started telling the bureacracy that we were a couple that that is like a gen X marriage. I wouldn't mind but apparently I've missed my chance.

N is for full NAME: Janet. I don't use my full name because I don't want people (like exes, disgruntled former housemates etc) to be able to google me and find my blog. If people I know find my blog because they read blogs, or because I tell them, that's OK.

O is for OVERNIGHT hospital stays: Well, there was that time I don't remember as a toddler when I had some sort of spider bite. More recently, giving birth to Frank in 2002 and Grace in 2005. And of course, about a month or so when I went nuts.

P is for PHOBIAS: Snakes. The very thought. Reminds me of the Tasmanian trip of 2001 when I saw four in a week on the west coast. It got so I could barely get out of the car.

Q is for QUOTE: Baudelaire, a line from L'invitation au Voyage (which I learnt in high school)translated from the French, "'All is order there and elegance pleasure peace and opulence." I used to have it spelt in glitter letters on gold paint and under varnish, on the ledge above the sink. When we redid the scullery, G was concerned about removing it and despite my protest that it was OK, that I'd moved on, put it on my internet desk top instead.

R is for biggest REGRET: Wasting my late twenties and early thirties. Not having a family earlier. Not the same but kind of related in devious ways.

S is for SPORT: Football, if there's a chance of Carlton winning. Otherwise no.

T is for TIME you wake up: 7, 7.30am. But I'll go back to sleep till ten if I can.

U is for colour of UNDERWEAR: Black.

V is for VEGETABLE you love: Asparagus. Beans. Broad Beans. Brussels Sprouts. Cucumber.

W is for WORST habit: Biting my nails. Comfort eating. Slacktitude when it comes to excercise.

X is for X-RAYS you’ve had: Teeth. Lots of my teeth. I suppose that's what happens when you approach middle age, your teeth go to crap. Also my arm, after a learning to ride a motorcycle accident when I was twenty. I never even got my Ls.

Y is for YUMMY food you make: See here. Not complete but it's a start. I'm feeling the need to make lemon curd tart again. Soon.

Z is for ZODIAC sign: Scorpio. We're very mysterious(really?) and bossy. And deep. And there's two of us.


Kerryn said...

There are other Carlton supporters left besides me? My football viewing fell off sometime around the end of the 90s and now consists of a quick peek to check the score and then a quick flick of the channel.
So many of your answers had me smiling -- age, game, worst habit, vegetable -- and nodding in recognition. Except for beer. I fall on the south side of the Tasmanian line on that one -- got to be loyal to my mother's city of birth.

Lazy Cow said...

Yes, both my husband and I are Scorpios too, and 2 more different people you could not find! And neither of us are jealous, mysterious or particularly sexy :-)

Rachel said...

You have the best memes. I "borrowed" this one today on my blog.

JDW said...

Dear Janet,
Being here and alone I find I need to hang on to some special memories of friends.
I am sad to learn that you have removed
the Baudelaire quote in gold stars from your
pantry windowledge. I loved looking at them
and the view of your tree dahlias - especially when they were in bloom. Please replace them - albeit briefly - if I ever return.
Also. I didn't know you bite your fingernails. How odd of me as I usually notice stuff like that!
Some things should never change.

Janet said...

Jennifer, G said he would have left it there except that I was so unsentimental about it. Anyway, the new gold paint is fabulous. Or was. The tree dahlias and jerusalem artichokes are still there, bigger and better than ever. There's also some cactus baskets hanging from the fence. I'm about to compose an email to you now, small child permitting.