It's hot

It's hot. Coming out of the airconditiong early this evening was like walking into a hairdryer. A hair dryer being using in a stuffy moist bathroom. Except that's it's dry. I didn't sleep much more that three hours last night. Which adds the the surreal feeling. Work felt like land of the zombies, I don't think I'm the only one not sleeping. Ditched the gym this evening in favour of the pool.  Despite being knocked and buffeted by other lap swimmers in a crowded pool, it was blissful to submerge into the quiteness of the blue water. Out of practice with swimming, could only do ten slow laps. Maybe I'll have to go again.

When I got home, there was an old four wheel drive from up north outside. I remember that we have been expecting a visitor and that the Kombi caught on fire last year. This must be the replacement I thought. Nice, apparently they have yet to find a mountain this car can't climb. We are being visited by mooks returning to the homeland. And possibly again on the way back, when there may be a subgathering.

And, yes that's my skirt in the left hand corner. I'm back in black. And I've just remembered why I like a-line skirts. The full skirt I was wearing today, although cool and breezy, kept getting caught in the wheels of my chair whenever I got up from my desk to go to the photocopier. I prefer clothes that don't flap.

At least I don't have a long fur coat. Tony (cat) is clearly suffering and is slinking from not so cool, to not so cool spot. This is one of his favourite early evening perches. Grace keeps emptying his water bowl onto the garden and it is irritating for everyone, especially Tony. Although being a cat he is not above drinking from the toilet. Yech. I have to find somewhere for his bowl where she can't reach. Which is getting harder and harder. She'll be on the kitchen table or trying to climb out the loungeroom window from the back of the couch in half a blink. Not being allowed to do any of this is just making it so much more attractive.

Over New year, I decided that we needed a family holiday and there's somewhere really good by the beach that we can go, although it's not quite sorted yet. I've asked for leave in February and have been told that it's very short notice and that they'll think about it. I wish I'd put in for more leave, the day I got back. There's been lots of time away from paid work but I realised the other day that we haven't had a holiday since the Central Australian odyssey in the winter of 2004.When I came back I was pregnant with Grace and life just rolled on from there. It's been a lot longer than I like to leave it, we need our holidays. To play and just be together. If you leave them too long it seems to become a really big drama to organise and people seem to become a bit resisitant to the idea. I'm crossing my fingers....


kel said...

yep, it's hot here too
don't you just love the way the real heat of summer kicks in after we've finished our xmas holidays and have to go back to work :(
am with you on the A-line skirts
nothing worse than rolling your long skirt downwards as you move upwards!?!

Penni said...

January is a shocker in Melbourne. Hot hot hot for days on end and it doesn't cool down at night. Last night was dreadful, and our house usually stays relatively cool. Una woke up at 4am and drank nearly a litre of water.
We're going down to Tassie for a fortnight tomorrow for a mix of visiting and camping. Hopefully it will be cooler down there.

h&b said...

Oh, I feel for Tony.
We have the same problem here with waterbowls ( and water in general ).
I swear our dear, deceased cat's kidney problems were caused in part from the deprivation of water from the boy.
So hoooooootttt...

VictoriaE said...

I think "Tony" is a perfect name for a cat.