I really need to stop complaining about the heat

It's pleasantly cool now and I feel the need to scramble something down before the heat comes back and turns my head into mush. Last night, all I could do was sweat and pitifully read blogs with pictures of snow and feel glad that I could. Yestereday started of OK, G was working and my mum came to look after Grace before lunch so that I could go to the gym. Which was pleasant enough. I felt virtuous that I was making some use of my membership. Eventhough I felt jealous of another woman's clever retro/contempory and oh so cool gym outfit that looked perfect with her very cool biceps. I felt very dowdy in my scaffy target three quarter pants and icky black runners. So mumsy. And trashy. And full of squishy bits and bulges. I fantasised about dieting and going every second day, no matter what. And the new pair of gym pants I could make.  About the potential new slimmer me, the one constantly held in check by the old me who's been around for years.

Anyway, after lunch we went to the pool. Not the local, which has quite a small old fashioned toddler pool which Grace isn't too thrilled about. She fell under last time and although I picked her up instantly, the fear on her face is something I'll never forget. It's still with her in some way too, I'll bet. The pool we went to had a very shallow baby pool, a toddler pool with walk in entry and best of all, a big shelf with water coming out from small pipes on the wall, which seemed to be a great hit with the under threes. And their watchers could stand in waist deep water and watch. Most amusing. Especially when Grace was upset by this little boy (I can't remember what for) and he then proceeded to see if she was OK and then kissed her on the cheek. She followed him everywhere for at least ten minutes after that. We didn't leave the pool until nearly tea time and when I rang G to tell him we were running late he told us about the power being off. Yikes, I thought, no telly, no internet! On the way back to the car, we played in the park for a bit. All the grass is dying and the elms are shedding leaves which were lying around in big dry drifts.

I just love that dress she is wearing. It's quite old, 60s maybe and I got it from Savers a while ago, hoping that she wouldn't grow out of it before summer. She loves it too, especially with her pink sandals which are nearly too small for her already. Grace has become very funny about her shoes, demanding that they be on at all times and howls if they need to be removed for nappy changes.

After the pool we sat around the kitchen drinking endless lemon and sodas, listening to the ABC on Gs old tranny. The heat was oppressive. And none of the news was good news, fire in the mountains, homes lost, lightening strikes, power out over most of the state. Public transport chaos, traffic lights out. Long delays. I thought about the gas crisis in 1999. We started assembling candles and thinking about where the gas lamp might be, and the camping torches. I thought about how glad I am that we live in the city. I always feel glad about living in the city in summer. Bushfires scare me. I worried about whether the power would be off for weeks. It all felt very apocalyptic.

We decided to have a late snack dinner. You know, mini toasts and cheese with carrot sticks, tomato and cucumber. After Grace went to bed, G went to the shed to apply some more varnish to the little table he's making and I sat in the quiet and the last of the light reading Marge Piercy's The Longings of Women. The sort of book guaranteed to haul me out of my reading slump. It's a bit like the last one of hers that I read, but that's OK. Formula is good for breaking reading block. Then, just before dinner, I went to see whether the power was back. And it was. So everything went back to normal. Except that it was still hot. I couldn't sleep, but that's quite normal at the moment too. Hopefully lots of sleep tonight.  


nutmeg said...

I'm posting comments here and there; I come back and they've disappeared. Grrr. It's happened a number of times over the past week. What am I doing wrong I wonder?
Anyway, I said on the last post that my second girl, who is 2 and 1/4, is like Grace at the moment. Just likes looking for HERSELF. I think the pictures are the attraction and if you are reading the book you are turning the pages too slowly and not showing the pictures quickly enough!
I feel for all you Melburnians with the heat, the smoke, the power outages. It's so very hard to sleep in that sort of heat. And all the grass dying in the parks - a bit depressing. I hope you got some of the same rain that fell over the tennis arena last night :-)

bec said...

We're in for a day of 36 degrees or so here in Sydney today but we've had nothing like your heat down there!
Thank you for officially de-lurking and thereby bringing me to your loverly blog. And I see you're reading Alison Croggon? My sister-in-law and I have been sharing the first two books but I hadn't seen the third anywhere up til now!

h&b said...

I thought of Longford too.
That dress is delightful. Lovely pic !

shula said...


suse said...

That dress is just exquisite. As is the child.
And I know which pool you were at - our old local! It's the BEST pool in Melbourne. You were probably surrounded by all my friends and their kids ... I miss it.