Happy New Year!

This morning as I did the housework, I listened to the local ABC radio as people rang in with their resolutions for the New Year or to report on a successfully kept resolution from last year. I found myself trying to think of what resolutions I might make. Last year one resolution was to avoid buying any clothes or material in black. Those familiar with the inner city style sensibilities of Melbourne would appreciate how truly difficult that might have been for me. But I did it, more or less. And as a result, there is far less black in my wardrobe than there has ever been at any time since the neon punk phase when I was nineteen/twenty. Sometimes I can even wear whole outfits containing no black at all. Except my undies, but let's not go there. Anyway, the theme of Self Portrait Challenge this month is New Years resolutions, so I thought that I might try and come up with one new resolution every week.

New Year's eve passed this year with barely a ripple. We didn't go out or celebrate in any special way. I made nori rolls for dinner and we watched Day of the Triffids on DVD. As G was working today and had to get up early, we were in bed before midnight. Lying there listening to the neighbours in the street across the road set off illegal fireworks, I made my first resolution. To celebrate more. I think I've said it before but we're not overly good at celebration in my family. I'm not thinking fancy, but just of finding a way to make more of birthdays and holidays. To step out of the ordinary routine and make things a little special every now and then. I suppose I could come up with a list of actions to support that resolution, as suggested on the radio, but that's a little close to corporate planning for me. So I'm just going to keep the thought there in the back of my mind and make a little effort when required.

And if anyone's thinking of taking up the Self Portrait Challenge this year, I'd say yes, give it a go. I've found it strangely addictive and quite rewarding in some unexpected ways. It's also really easy. You just go to the middle column of the site, read the particpant info link and then go to the meta section at the bottom and login. Once you have a login it's super easy to load a link each week.

So happy New Year everyone, may your year ahead be filled with peace, happiness and other good things...

PS I'm posting early because well, it's new years day and I'm in the mood for new yearsy sort of things. My own little celebration if you will. I'll upload to the SPC site once the last weeks have been archived and then we'll be able to go and check out everyone elses resolutions.

PPS Finally uploaded. Seems SPC site is working again. So head on over. There's lots of interesting new year's resolutions.


  1. Hey there sis. I love the new years pic you made and have really enjoyed looking through your site. As you can guess by the fact that I've added a URL, I've just started my own blog but am struggling to find new photos of myself or other family members for that matter. Could you please email me some or could I copy and paste some off your page? I'm linking your page to my first post anyway, so hopefully you'll get more traffic. I'll talk to you again soon. Rach

  2. Happy New year to you! That photo is lovely. And I laughed at your 'no buying black clothes' resolution for 2006. I tried it, but it was impossible. Having a girl and seeing them in lovely bright colours does make one feel rather drab doesn't it?

  3. The photo is great- perfect way to bring in the new year. Happy and prosperous New Year to you and your family!

  4. bright and colourful photo
    but no black in the wardrobe - shock horror - black is so slimming, and it matches with anything, especially with other black bits :)

  5. Happy New Year, far away friend. Here's to more celebrations. I'm back on board for Self Portrait Challenge. Couldn't stay away.

  6. Happy New Year to you: here's to a year filled with much peace, overwhelming happiness and laughs too many to count.

  7. Happy New Year and YAY to celebrating more! I'm breaking out the bubbly to toast that resolution! And I can totally relate to the black thing. The first day that I wore an outfit that had no black in it I felt all disoriented! Have a year full of things worth celebrating!

  8. I didn't even read the post yet but had to say how much this picture made me smile!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  9. What an incredibly Happy photo and resolution you have!!

  10. Stunning portrait. Love it.
    We don't do celebration well either, although we've gotten out a bit recently, by chance more than anything.
    I just like the homelife.
    Yours inspires me.
    ( P.S. - love the tiles around the sink taps - your work ? )