The baby shop

I've been putting it off, but today seemed as a good a day as any for a visit to the baby shop. Part of a chain that opened a megastore at Highpoint, affectionately referred to by some of the mothers at mother's group as Buntings. Or not. We've had some not so great experiences there. Like the time I slapped G on the face (I was growing a pyschosis at the time) or the occasion a sales assistant practically called me a bad parent because I wanted a certain type of car seat which she assured me was unsuitable for a six month child. Which it wasn't. However today's visit was quite pleasant. We investigated and purchased one of the required potty items, Grace played on all the toys and was nice to the other children, G visited supercheap auto and bought a builders square that's more square than the one he's been using and I got to take pictures in the carpark.

I find the two images above quite calming and on previous visits have thought that I'd like to take the photos but didn't because I was either in a huff, didn't have my camera with me or was with my mum. Not that she'd mind, but Gerard totally gets that I'd want to. Encourages it even. The picture below, I find a little disturbing for some reason. Grace however, sees it and her eyes light up, Bubba, bubba. We didn't even bother taking the stroller and she walked in holding my hand, greeting each new baby. She's especially interested in smaller babies, even better if she gets one to smile at her.
So we arrived home with a bright red potty, which I probably could have got at Kmart. Grace thinks it makes great headwear but I am far to uptight to agree with her. It's going to live outside in the big persons toilet and I think that given that she's not yet two, she's far too young to be trained. However at home (thankfully not when we're out) she keeps removing her nappies before she wets them and seems to know when she's going to poo. We're also going to get one of those small seats for the big toilet, which she's absolutely fascinated by. Gone are the days when anyone gets any sort of peace in there without locking the door. Not that I'd call trying do what one does, with a toddler howling outside and trying to crawl in under the door, peace. Anyway, it's all sort of snuck up on us. I thought this wouldn't even begin to be an issue until well into her third year. Having absolutely no experience in this area, I'm thinking that at this age maybe we just tell her what it's for and see what happens?


VictoriaE said...

I like your relaxed attitude towards potty training, that should make it so much easier for you and your girl - much better than me with Nick being all stressed because he wasn't trained until three and pretty hopeless with it for ages after that - and everyone around me was going "he should be toilet trained by now". With my 2 yr old now I'm thinking "you can wear nappy until you're 4 if you want to." Much bigger things to stress about.

em said...

If there is anything I've learnt about the potty training process it is take the windows of opportunity when they come even if they be "early" because otherwise they might pass you by and instead of a curious and compliant 2 year old, you'll have a stubborn and wilful 3 year old who simply WILL NOT use the potty!

shula said...

Sounds to me like she's already training herself.
Mine did. Really early, I think it started around 18 months or 2. She began by taking off her nappy when she needed to go.
No potties for mine though. She insisted on the big toilet (with a little seat). Anything less was just patronising. She kept night nappies for much longer, but they sort of drifted off too.
To this day, I'm not sure what toilet training is.
It's all about running with the ball. She throws it. You run with it.
Here endeth the sermon.
God I sound like someone's Goddamn Grandmother.

suse said...

Your thoughts about never going to the toilet alone reminded me of the time I snuck out of the house (we had an outdoor dunny at the time) for a quick wee. Within seconds Son #1 was in there with me, then the cat arrived, and finally Son #2 turned up. WITH HIS WHEELBARROW.

sooz said...

I agree with Shula - Yeah, whatever. They can run the show. Amy started and stopped and started and stopped over months and months. And at some point if life intervenes you can take over if you need to. An overseas deadline forced us into a program that was totally against my best wishes, but which worked like a charm with absolutely no side effects.
My one and only word of advice - cleaning a potty is a really shitty job all puns aside. The little seat for the big toilet with the steps and handle attached are freaking fantastic. I can loan you ours!

h&b said...

We have a BB near us too - I think we've bought all the majors from there. If your potty if bright red, i'm guseeing you got the Baby Bjorn brand, yeah ?
We got the blue one, and it's much better than the cheaper version ( esp, for boys, with the higher 'rise' at the front .. high pressure ... rising wee .. less mess .. if you get my gist ). It's probably unhygenic, but ours is kept in the boy's room, so it's always there, as soon as he gets up and etc ( and there's NO room in our bathroom ).
The insert we got though is ill-fitting, and sort-of collapses into the bowl. Not good. I'm not buying another though, as he's used to simply holding onto me when we visit other people WITHOUT pottys or toilet seats ( gasp ).
Besides, when all else fails, he's a wicked waterer of the garden ;)

Janet said...

Thanking you all for your suggestions. I think we may well take Sooz up on her offer of a little seat. We were going to get the kmart one but why buy when you can borrow?
We'll keep the red potty maybe in the room for emergencies and for travel(?). It's not the baby bjorn one, but the cheaper roger armstrong one which sounds like something one would travel to the moon with but actually looks a bit small. With all the nappy removing and attendent sheet changing, I'm kind of wishing that she'd be happy just to stay in nappies for a while longer. But as everyone seems to be saying, they lead....

Penni said...

Fred used to pick the potty up and throw it in the bathroom and make us shut the door. She really resisted the idea of it. I was always pretty confident she'd get there so i didn't push it though we got a bit of pressure too (her grandmother gave her a treat if she sat on the potty and read a book). Then one day some switch clicked in her brain and she just started using the toilet. I think in hindsight she was waiting till she was old enough to do it alone. She'll be four in APril and she's just starting to come round to the idea of no nappy at night (apparently Bedda, her imaginary friend, weares knickers) and she goes through phases of waiting till her night nappy is on to do a poo. But she'd NEVER tell us if she'd done a poo (she learned to lie at a very young age, bless her) and she hated having her nappy changed so I think she's always had a few issues all round with the whole wee and poo business.