With my teeth in my mouth

The last few days have been a bit gloomy. My teeth are not good and I had to leave work early on Thursday for an emergency dental visit. My new and very charming dentist spent a long time examining and tapping my teeth and blowing air over them while I squirmed miserably in my seat, expecting to shoot through the roof with pain. I didn't. The dentist then told me that my gums are a little inflamed but my teeth are fine. Then he asked me if there was any stress in my life. We had a little chat and he concluded that I need to floss more and relax. And not grind or clench my teeth. I officially have a stress related dental condition. Who knew there was such a thing?

Anyway, my stupid miserable teeth aside there have been some highpoints since then. Like Saturday, when I had the pleasure of afternoon tea with Sooz and Suse. It's funny meeting someone you feel you've come to know through their blog. Not bad funny, more curious funny. Today while I was dusting and thinking, I figured out why that is. There's a moment of catching your breath while you match a written voice you've come to know so well over time, with the actual person sitting across the table. Then before you know it, you're sitting around said table drinking tea and eating cake and chatting and looking at sewing like you've been doing such things for ages. It was lovely and delightful and I left feeling that there was still much to say. Ever since Suse put the idea out there, I've had in the back of my mind that it would be fun to organise a Melbourne lady bloggers picnic some time in the New Year, after the holidays perhaps?

Over the weekend I also felt an overwhelming desire to be baking. Yo-yos for afternoon tea, my inner pedant needing to stand at the kitchen bench with the sun on my shoulder and roll little balls of dough.  For some reason, I find this a very soothing and centring activity. Especially when I have perfectly judged the timing of Grace's nap to coincide with the rolling and baking. I also knocked up a boiled pineapple fruitcake (and wrote out the recipe), which we started on for afternoon tea today. We don't do afternoon tea everyday, only when we have visitors or we've had a particularly grinchy housework day. I'm starting to feel as though the house needs a very, very thorough clean. You know, the sort that involves emptying cupboards and shelves, moving furniture and bleaching plates. This may well be teeth/stress related. So this morning as I ran around doing the Monday tidy which precedes the Monday supermarket shop (bananas $6.94 a kilo!), I tried to think of how I could allocate a room a day. Then I realised we have nine rooms in our house, counting the small ones which can be tedious to clean, and there's no hope of finding nine days before Christmas that have lots of space in them. So I did some windows in the front of the house. Maybe if I get around to the windows I can ignore the rest.

I also started on planting out the vegetable garden. I've been waiting on a peastraw delivery from our local feedstore. There's been a holdup as there's not much peastraw around due to the drought. I considered doing without, but I don't think a hot summer vegetable garden without mulch is feasible. Sometimes I wonder whether I can justify having vegetable garden at all, given the water that it takes.  Then again, I don't think we use any more water than a commercial farmer would, although that's their living and ours is what I'd call a provident hobby, which in my mind gives them more justification in using it. Even so, I have decided to mulch the vege garden and water it properly twice a week. On Sunday, I gave up waiting and bought some peastraw from a local garden centre, way more expensive and the bales were half the size as the feedstore ones. And then of course today, the feedstore guy rings and says they have my five bails for delivery if I still want them. Which I did. Never mind, the other stuff wasn't nearly enough anyway. So this evening I planted tomatoes, basil, zinnias, beetroot (second lot), lettuce (third lot). Next up are more sowings of corn, beans and cucumber. And some cosmos seedlings I grew, as well as some special little things from the nursery; a new sedum, a new salvia and some portulacca. Which is why I try and  do as much garden shopping at the feedstore, because I just can't help myself at the nursery.


  1. It was a fabulous afternoon, wasn't it? And yes, I think a picnic is a goer ...
    Love that pink salvia an
    Ok, halfway through this comment the dog vomitted and now I'm back from dealing with it but have completely forgotten what I was going to say.

  2. Nurseries make me drool. I'm anticipating a trip this Friday, and the thought is almost making me wet myself ...
    Salvia, I used to have tonnes in another house. Love it. haven't seen any for a while - will take a look.
    Your catch-up sounds lovely. I adore it when new people melt into your life like they've been there forever. I think bloggers have the advantage, as much of their soul is already bared, the defences lowered, the small talk taken care of ...
    And dentists .. don't let them talk you into a 'mouthguard' to sleep in. Costs a fortune, doesn't work, makes you drool and gives you stinky morning breath. Talk about an effective contraceptive tool !!
    Half of one of my front teeth is held on with a splint, and I noticed yesterday it's wobbly again ( lasts about 3yrs, I guess ).
    Please don't let me be front-toothless before Xmas .. because I really want to put off another dental visit ...
    Teeth !!!

  3. Oh I'm so jealous of your get together! I haven't come across any fellow bloggers in Adelaide - although they must exist...