WIP and the smell of rain

I was very good this morning and sat myself down at the sewing machine the minute Grace went down for her morning nap. I got stuck into these, a little pinafore for her and a matching one for Molly dolly. The pink fabric is one she'd shown a lot of interest last time I was going through my material cupboard. Seems she likes pink. They're all but done, just needing a button at the back.
 Tonight I made a matching bag, because bags are a bit of an obsession for Grace at the moment. Along with shoes. Lest any one think we are pushing her into gender stereotypes, I should point out that she also like anything with wheels, including trucks and playing in the dirt.  Now there are just the matching bloomers (for dolly too) to make, and if I have time, some new jeans for Grace. No stress. Enough has been done that I could wrap and say that's it. If I had to. We'll see how tomorrow goes.
As I was enjoying my public service holiday today, instead of between Christmas and New Year when it's really busy, I got to go for lunch with Mum, Betty and Grace at Barkly Square shopping centre. On the way home, it smelt like rain. Finally this evening we've had a bit. Not much, but enough to clear the air and leave a lovely smell of water everywhere. That's what I really want for Christmas, lots of lovely wet rain.


shula said...


Sheree said...

Sewing for girls is so much more fun than sewing for boys (same with knitting). Love the pink fabric and the pockets.

Elaine said...

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your craft blog. I feel so inspired I'm going to my craft room and do something. Thanks Eggy

Penni said...

Oh gorgeous. You're so clever and you have such a nice eye. I love pinafores.
We've got some clothes for Feral Baby (that's what Fred calls her - she came from Camberwell market when Fred was one and has seen better days, but I bet she's never been more beautiful or more loved) for the Xmas stocking but I suspect Fred will want her to remain naked - Fred had the bag thing (especially backpacks) but never the shoes - she's big into nudity. Though she loves her jelly sandals.
Una however LOVES bling. Anything shiny she can put on her person. Tiaras, fairy wings, hats, and she's just discovered shoes though she's never had any of her own (nowhere near walking) - she puts my shoes in my hand and then holds out her foot expectantly.

h&b said...

I used to love Barkley Sq .. i'm more of the 'smaller' centres than the larger, so it suited me and my needs well.
Thank God for the rain, hey ?
Apparently it will be a wet Xmas Day though, but I can't, can't, won't complain.
Hope the firefighters get a bit of a break ...