Inside, looking out

I had a serious, deep thought type post I was going to start tonight because you know, it's not like I feel it's necessary to post everyday (although I do find it rather relaxing). And I should be going to bed early because I have work tommorrow. With a Christmas party thrown in, although it's lunch in the tea room, so no alcohol will be involved. Oh, I remember the good ol' days back in the eighties when the celebration started with chicken and champagne breakfast, cocktails at morning tea and everyone was so legless by lunch time, that working in the afternoon was unheard of. And you could smoke at your desk. In fact it was expected that you would do these things. I'm sure nostalgia is making me think it was better than it was. Oh yes, now I remember, sexual harrasment was also the done thing and women were not allowed to wear trousers to work. And the pay was crap.

Anyway I digress, I was downloading my camera and noticed that I've been taking quite a lot of pictures looking out from inside. Maybe because it's too smoky and awful to be outside. Who knows. Below we see a hollyhock outside the sunroom window, camera focused on the window. Which it can do because the window is so dirty. I think with the smoke and haze, cleaning windows might be a very short term improvement. I'm inclined not to bother.

Above we have a view of the backyard through the loungeroom window, and through the bottlebrush I planted right next to the window, nearly eighteen years ago. I spent many an afternoon back when I was a stoner lying on the couch, watching the birds play in the tree. Which is why I planted it there in the first place. It's really a bit close to the house and I read in Earth Garden that this might make the house less pleasant in summer by cutting off the air flow. But then again, it is lovely and shady. And it's still pleasant to lie on the couch and watch the birds. Grace is in her stretchie suit, playing with her tricycle and squashing plums with her feet. Noice.

And last but not least, the view through the scullery window. A couple of years ago we planted jerusalem artichokes and tree dahlia along the side of the house. In summer it provides a lovely alternative view to the rather ugly house next door. And you get to watch insect dramas while you do the dishes.  Alas over winter, I also made some hanging baskets with cactus in them which I now can't see. I think I might have to selectively prune the greenery back.

Oh, look at the time. Bed is calling. Tomorrow maybe I'll spill my guts about the meaning of Christmas. Or not. Perhaps I should go to the gym instead because my attendance is slipping once again and G is starting to make cruel jokes about my membership.


h&b said...

Lol at the smoking at your desk/sexual harrassment/legless by midday era. Yes, i've got stories both good and bad ... but not being able to wear pants ? Wow.
You grew the bottlebrush 18yrs ago ? How long have you been in your house ? I did the flashback to your scullery, and must admit, it's a fabulous addition. Must remember for any future renos (?). I had a g/f that rented a fab place that had something similar once - like a walk in wet-bar thing. And my kitchen is always too messy for drop-in guests. So 'yes'.

VictoriaE said...

I love that bottlebrush photo, I'm really enjoying your photos.