The gender blender

I've had a glass or two of red and I'm going to attempt the gender meme, as seen over at The View from Elsewhere. I found this one quite difficult, two long commutes on the train and some questions still had me perplexed. Maybe because I live in a household where roles are fairly fluid, or things have changed. I don't know, have they?

Three things you do that women usually do

  • Sometimes obsess and have moments of guilt and/or fear about whether I am doing the right thing as a mother.

  • Shave my legs.

  • Crochet while watching TV.

Three things you do that men usually do

  • Pretend I'm listening to my partner talking through my favourite TV shown by grunting in the right place, and then act all indignant when I'm caught out.

  • Wear the pants.

  • Take up space, and put my feet up on the coffee table.

Three things you do that women usually don’t do

  • Enjoy getting hot and sweaty doing manual labour in the garden.

  • Leave the dishes and toilet cleaning for someone else (knowing they will get done).

  • Walk alone at night.

Three things you do that men usually don’t do

  • Make family social arrangements. Ensure that everyone attends, has what they need (as in toddler bag, does anyone know a man who packs the toddler bag?) and looks presentable for said social event.

  • Know what's in the fridge and cupboard and plans meals accordingly.

  • Wear my hair up.

Three things you don’t do that women usually do

  • Enjoy shoe or clothes shopping.

  • Wear women's shoes (not on any regular basis).

  • Take full responsibility for the management of the household, all the time. This does tend to ebb and flow around here depending on who's doing what workwise and how control freakish I'm feeling. But definitely not at the moment.

Three things you don’t do that men usually do

  • Moan and feel all wistful about the gap between the footy and cricket season.

  • Spend large amounts of time in the shed drinking beer and doing shed things.

  • Wear surfwear ensembles. You know the board shorts and loud t-shirt look. Never.

Three things you don’t do that women usually don’t do

  • Promote myself well professionally.

  • Put off going to the doctor, if necessary.

  • Tinker with my car.

Three things you don’t do that men usually don’t do

  • Shave my underarms regularly.

  • Wear heels or other forms of footwear that render me immobile or uncomfortable.

  • Wear makeup.


suse said...

I nearly did this one, but all those double negatives just confused me.
I liked reading about what you usually do that women don't do that men don't usually do but you do though.

Sheree said...

Hey, isn't NaMoBloPo over? :) BTW you're not showing up on my Bloglines feed as updated. Probably just BL, but I thought I'd let you know.

em said...

I like this! I'm going to give it a go.

shula said...

There's a gap between footy and cricket season?

Janet said...

Oh yes, indeed there is Shula. It's from Grand Final Day in September until the start of the cricket which I think is about now. Not only do I hear the anguished and despairing moans and groans at home but also in the tea room at work. I often feel like saying for effs sake, it's just sport.

h&b said...

This meme isssss tempting.
I can so be the girly, but then there's a lot of girly I scoff at ( while downing an ice cold beer .. ). I relate to the blokes, but I don't get sports .. but then I don't remember birthdays, call people, or wrap gifts lovingly.
Yes, I think I will give it a go ... soonish .... ;)