Christmas with the family

We walked to Mum's house in the cold, wet rain, Grace all snuggled in her stroller with the storm cover down and blankie around her knees. The streets were oddly deserted, maybe everyone had already started their feasting, already arrived at the destinations. Myself, I quite like a late lunch, makes for a more relaxed morning. As it turned out, after the excitment of present unwrapping, Grace really did need a morning nap. I made salads and managed to overcook the beans. Oh well. Nobody cared. The stuffed mushrooms I made for Gerard to enjoy while everyone else was tucking into roast chook and ham went down well with everyone, especially G.

As we arrived at Mum's house Grace became very excited, calling out Nana, Nana. Soon we were absorbed into the bustle of getting ready, all helping. Relaxing, chatting, drinking champagne or something soft and pleasant.

As the day wore on it became more and more relaxed. The kringle was a hoot, some very well considered gifts and I don't think anyone got a voucher. Grace cleaned up, of course. She now has her very own laptop computer toy that makes racing car noises and talks to her. She loves it and so do I. Outside it rained and hailed. Really rained. Rained so much that the garden got really wet. Couldn't have wished for a better Christmas present. Then just as the cameras were pressed into service for the obligatory family portraits, out came the sun, just for a while. Unfortunately most of the pictures I took at this end of the day were somewhat blurry, a bit like myself. I get so anxious in the lead up to Christmas that I do tend to unravel a bit on the day itself. Which is really rather blissful. As is boxing day. Ah boxing day! Day of eating leftovers and reading Christmas novels (more on that later).

I love this portrait. I love it that we can have this Christmas with my Mum and my Dad, eventhough they're married to other people now. I love it that Lance and Nina are those people and that we can all get along. I love it that Rachael and Vivian are part of the mix and that Cam and Betty are having a baby next year and that I'm going to be an auntie. I love it that my Dad called Gerard son-in-law and that Gerard is smiling. I love it that Grace is in the middle and that this is where she belongs. You can see me holding the remote control and I'm smiling too!

Excellent Christmas.


Sheree said...

it does sound like an excellent christmas & everyone enjoyed themselves!

Penni said...

Yay! What a happy post, what a lovely family shot.

h&b said...

Your bliss drew me in, until I felt snuggled in the fold of your family.
Vouchers here, and despite my rather well-put-together, prepared-with-love meal, some awkwardness at the table.
Because we were all raised by wolves, obviously.
Thank God for my son. Everything hangs on him. That won't last forever.
Trade families ? ;)

em said...

We manage to do the blended family thing reasonably well - my parents are divorced, my father has remarried and my mother is single... but it doesn't seem to have quite the cosiness of your family - glad you had such a lovely day!

Janet said...

I don't think anyone would be wanting to trade families, not really. We all get along for a day at Christmas and birthdays and at times of illness etc. It's been nearly twenty years since my parents split and we had Christmas together that year too. It was so unbelievably awful that neither Betty or I would even consider it for about another ten years. We've doing it like this for about four years now and it gets easier each time. Time has healed. As has the little one.

VictoriaE said...

Hey Janet, hmm, in how many ways can I say "I love your photos"? Perhaps it should be part of the automatic remembering of personal info, so I can say it each time I look at your blog!! I LOVE both of those casual Christmas photos, wow. I'm a sucker for any photo with a granny blanket in it too. And a photo with a dad looking adoringly at his daughter (am I getting that right?) is always beautiful. Sounds like your Christmas went really well and you've all worked hard for a long time to achieve that harmony. I agree, Boxing Day is so relaxing after the pressures of Christmas - leftover food, presents, no appointments, etc. Oh yeah, and if I remember rightly was there was someone who was going to give you a present of books collected from op shops? How did that go? That sounded like a brilliant idea.