The study

New visitors to our house are sometimes taken aback by the study. It's one of the front rooms and being closest to the street, with a lane down the side and a bit on the damp side, really the least favourable bedroom. Back in the days when this was a sharehouse, this was my room and I thought it was the best room because of the window. But it was damp and dark and noisy, quite horrible in winter. Now it's the study, where we have the computers, the music stuff and pretty much just lots of stuff. And the foldout sofabed for unfortunate guests.

Here's my desk, taken on a Sunday night before the Monday whizz through tidy up. The flowers on my computer desktop are euphorbia from the late winter garden. I can show you the carpet in this room because it is not our disgusting rental house carpet but an old rug the op shop was throwing out. Actually this room does not have the most hideous carpet of all, but anyway.

From my desk, I can look out the window and watch people walk by. And trams go past. And see the garden. I planted this view, I'm quite proud of it.

On the other side of the room is Gerard's desk. We don't share a desk or a computer because we both have too much stuff. And he likes to do experimental things on his computer whereas I'm quite a straight internet explorer type. Grace likes to climb up on the chair and sit at her daddy's desk and play jungle mouse (which also stops her from actually doing anything on the computer, like say rearranging your browser toolbars or deleting files). It amuses her for at least five minutes. After which she likes to stand on the chair and hurl his papers on the floor. Which she is not allowed to do.

This room really comes into its own in summer when its cave like qualities can be truly appreciated. It's fun to both hang out in here together so he can talk to me while I'm trying to write or read. Yep. No, actually sometimes it is fun when we all hang out in here. There's the sofa bed to lounge on and the window seat where Grace likes to stand and bang her head against the glass. Which she is also not allowed to do. Luckily this room has a door with a high handle, parental supervision required.


shula said...

I sleep in the tram room at our house, though it's a nostalgic sound for me that I enjoy. What I don't enjoy are the hoons at the petrol station over the road at 3am. How long can you do a burnout up the road for before you start to wonder why? (Answer: how long is the road?)

Lazy Cow said...

I like your study very much. The garden view, the lovely stained glass windows, the wooden desk and paintings. Looks like a good place to hole up in!

suse said...

I love that window and view.
But am feeling miffed and left out because I can't see any euphorbia on the desk.
I had Euphorbia wulfenii everywhere at our last house, both front and back garden. I brought a few seedlings to the new place but they aren't exactly flourishing. Just barely hanging in there.

Janet said...

It's the picture on my screen saver, only just discernible really. And a bit stretched.

shelly said...

I love your view through that gorgeous window! Have had a lovely flick through your blog and love your garden too. I love Euphobia - working as a Florist in England we used to put it with so many things it always looked fantastic.