Spring photo archive

My task for tonight, on the last day of spring has been to go through all my photos, deleting duplicates and the ones that don't grab me and archive the rest. Now that I have a digital camera, I find that I take huge amounts of photos and after a few months my folders start to feel cluttered. So at the end of winter I did a big archive, and now that spring has come to a finish, I've cleared up, ready for summer. As I was going through them all, I kept a folder of some favourites which I might get printed and you know, put in an album. Or perhaps to have have sitting around for several years waiting to be put into an album.

These are some that I liked tonight. This is our cat Tony sitting on the work bench being a baloney.

Some self sown foxglove growing in crack in the concrete next to my potting bench. I like the contrast between the flowers and the plastic so I didn't pull it out, even though I had decided not to grow foxgloves until Grace has passed the flower eating stage. I'm kind of glad that it's passed flowering so we don't have to be so vigilant around them any more.
This is the side of an old house that I pass when I walk to the gym. Sometimes in summer there's an old man who sits in the lean to and watches telly. Part of me is really sad about the state of the house and possibly, his living conditions. Another part loves the texture and freaky angles.

This is a picture of some cactus flowers in a hanging basket off the side of the shed. One evening I decided to ignore the instructions for the camera and see what happened if I pointed it right into the sun. Not looking of course.

And one of my big favourites, Grace after eating cherries and playing in the dirt. I can't tell you how much I love seeing Grace really, really grubby at the end of the day.

So there you go, that's November. Tommorrow is the first day of summer, even though it feels like we've been having summer for ages.


em said...

I love the summer. I'm getting so excited because school will be out soon, and interstate & overseas relatives are visiting ... all signs that summer has arrived and we have the long break ahead to look forward too.
I love grubby kids too - I relish in the fact that my kids *need* to be bathed each night because they get so filthy during the day!

suse said...

Beautiful. I love them all, especially the house one.
Happy first day of summer. I've been eating cherries all day to celebrate.

Heather said...

Oh, I love that photo at the bottom. Sweet child, luscious colors!