Some big news and a bit of a tidy up

As usual for a Saturday, I was slow to start. Didn't get out of bed until my sister Betty phoned to ask if she could come and use our scanner, for her ultrasound photos. The ones she's going to send to her friends... Oh yes, I'm now allowed to say that I'm going to be an auntie come May next year. I am so happy and excited for her and Cam. And that I'm going to be an auntie, and that there will be another little one in the family. It was pretty funny hearing my dad last weekend at the family reunion, all puffed and proud of his late producing daughters.

So they came around for lunch and we all squashed around the kitchen table with Grace at the head in her high chair, only interested in everyone elses mouthfuls because by that stage she'd had breakfast with daddy and late pancakes with mummy, and pregnant lady snacks with aunt Betty. After Betty went home, it was a toss up between garden and sewing, and although I really should make a couple of new tops for work, I chose the garden. So what if my combinations are a little odd at the moment. We had some really good rain last week, so it seemed like a good time to do an hour or so of weeding and just tidy up a little. And plant some seedlings.
Some people seem to assume that I must spend lots of time gardening. Let me just say, this garden can go weeks without attention. There does tend to be a flurry of activity in late spring and again in early winter but mostly I spend quite small amounts of time here and there. Pulling a few obvious weeds, planting some seedlings, sowing seeds, sticking cuttings into the pots by the back door when I return from neighbourhood rambles or visits. It doesn't take long to do one or two off these things and it all adds up. I often let the weeds grow quite big, so they are easy to pull out. I compost and mulch which helps and I let things ramble. The big priority for me, is planting. And I quite like to let plants do their own thing and self seed. Like the wallflowers and orange poppies below.  

Indeed many of the plants I grow, such as the flanders poppies, could be considered weeds in another context. These pop up everywhere and I pull quite a few out, letting only a chosen few grow to maturity. I think what I like most about gardening, apart from having somewhere nice to sit and chat, is the process. Feeling the rhythm of the seasons, walking around noticing what's happening, picking something to add to a meal. Making little arrangements of pots. When I do get to weeding and the like, it's good to notice bits of the garden I might usually pass by and to see how the soil is looking. I was weeding around the geraniums today, inhaling this lovely woody sharp scent and noticed that the leaves had formed cups to catch the falling flowers from the tree above.


Suse said...

I lurve your garden.
Looks the perfect place for a cup of peppermint tea and a bikkie.
(and I'm glad to see you and Shula found each other. I said to her, I said, Do you read Muppinstuff cos I think you'd like each other ... and lo!)

Penni said...

Your garden looks like a glorious wonderland. What a beautiful thing you have created.
And congratulations to Betty and to you too on impending aunthood. Very exciting. I love additions.

h&b said...

I adoooooooooooore the whole garden thing, and yours is one I love to read about. It oo, love the 'evolving' thing, and the 'pick and choose' and 'add and delete' nature of it all.
Love it :)