Power tools in my mouth, thinking about hats

I spent the better part of this morning at the dentist. The only part of going to the dentist I like is the trashy mags in the waiting room. I find even having my teeth cleaned so excrutiating that I lie there rigid and tense. This was my second visit with a new dentist and today he tried to convince me to have a filling without an anaesthetic. No. No. No way. We had to sort that one out pretty quickly. Even so, I'm liking this new dentist, he mightn't have the impossible blue eyes and charming patter of the last one but he's quiet and seems intent on his work. He was pleased when I chose the classical music over the TV. Conversation with his assistant was at a pleasant and professional minimum. Anyhow, as much as one can with a mouthful of power tools, I relaxed and thought about the hat I would buy once it was all over.

My plan was this. I would walk into Savers or Don Bosco opshop and there would be a perfect, finely woven straw hat with a wide brim. Less than $5. In a large size and perhaps in a lovely, flattering colour. Pink, beige, grey, black or even green. I would take said hat home, slap on some face and pose under the tree for my SPC. There would also then be another hat option over summer, other than the Brian hat which is a grey nylon mens farmers hat, with braid around the rim that I bought in outback Queensland one road trip. Good for gardening, but not very chic. I do have a lovely cloth hat, but sometimes circumstances call for straw. Needless to say neither shop had what I imagined. I decided, what with my very unglamorous mouth and all, that maybe self portrait wouldn't happen this week.

Then at about five thirty , Grace was hanging out with G inside and they were having a fine old time. I realised that I had one of those twenty minute windows. I grabbed the mask which was one of a few cheapies I bought at the start of the month and raced around the backyard with the camera.  It's been hot all day. Like the middle of summer hot and yet only last week there was snow down to 400metres. Melbourne is famed for fickle spring weather, but it's a little stranger than usual. And it gets in your head. Grace came out to play just before her dinner. I thought she might be scared by her mummy in a silly mask but she seemed to find it most amusing. The backyard was full of wind and wild energy. We've been on the edge of a storm or a cool change for hours. So I posed and laid around, enjoying being bird woman for a while, eventhough I'm still thinking about that hat. Check out other versions of November's GLAM theme here.


  1. I love the feather mask! I have a peacock feather mask and early on almost used it as a prompt for this month before I decided to go in a different direction. GMTA! :-)

  2. Oh, how I love the vibrant colors and the glam of the mask. Perfect!