Nearly there

So tonight and then tommorow night (after the gym if I'm good), and it'll be done. I will have posted every day for November. And yet I still haven't written about all the things I meant to, or said everything I wanted about the things I did. Even so, it has felt good to do this everyday, some pause and reflection. I may have a little rest at the end of it all, but then again I'm thinking of a meme for Friday night.

Tonight (again) I wanted to write about blogging as a form but I'm not feeling all that coherent (dammed tooth, more dentistry will be necessary). Like last week, I had all these interesting and in hindsight, coherent thoughts this afternoon. The kind of thoughts that you think as your child sleeps soundly, the house is quiet with no music, no power tools, just a breeze and some sunlight and the dull hum of traffic and suburbia. And you go through your drawers and wardrobe and discard or pack away all the clothes that: don't fit, are scratchy or itchy, were worn when you were pregnant and have not been altered since, are too tattered even for the op shop, are seasonally inappropriate, or you no longer like. And then when it is all done, you realise that although there are some gaps to fill, that really you do have some things you don't mind wearing. But there is still not a thought in my head. I should have taken notes when there was. So I think I might schlep off to bed. Work tomorrow.


Lazy Cow said...

Posting every day, that takes a lot of discipline! Good on you for doing it :-)

Kerryn said...

I know I've had those moments of perfect clarity this month. They've always occurred when I've no pen, no paper on which to commit them. It's disappointing but for me this month has become an exercise spontaneously capturing the thoughts that occur as I sit down to my keyboard -- while the results aren't always great, they have been surprising.
I've enjoyed reading your daily posts and will continue to enjoy your blog long after NaBloPoMo is finished.

shula said...

Well, I've had fun...

h&b said...

Your blogging thoughts sound like mine ... i'm doing something physical, but uninvolved, which allows the mind to compose, and you think 'brilliant, I should write about this'.
But I don't. I do basic "what I did today" type postings. What's going on in my mind ? Seemingly nothing. Void.
Also, I can relate on the dentistry level. I'm feeling another visit coming on soon too ... *sigh* .. root canals are a fave with me ( not! ) and are dealth with by the mixing of Panadiene Forte and red wine.
Obvioulsy not good advice, but it works for me.
Love the 'holy' metal against the fence. What is it ?

Janet said...

Oh h&b don't talk to me about root canals, my last one fell out. And after the dentist had convinced me that spending my holiday money and all that time with my mouth open was worth it to save the tooth. I tend to mix my pain killers with cheap port.
I think the holey metal thing on the fence is a home made soil sifter. We found it in the hard rubbish. I love it too, and immediately demanded that G attach it to the fence so I could look at it.
And thanks you guys, posting every day wasn't that hard, especially when I started to let go a little.