Lurex in the morning

For most of the last decade of the century just gone, the end of November meant two things to me, cherries and the start of the forest party season. Around my birthday, I'd start anticpating, planning, counting off the days. It wasn't always as good as I thought it would be and sometimes it was beyond anything I had imagined. There's a lot of bad things you could say about these parties; the environmental impact, portaloos, driving home, the behaviour of some of the patrons and oh yeah, the drugs (not going there because we all know drugs are bad, mhnn).

On the good side however, these parties rolled many favourite activities into one big bundle; camping with friends and workmates (hospitality types back then, you know work hard, play harder), wacky and frequent costume changes, lazing around, top notch freaky people watching, special moments taking in the beauty of our natural environment, constant techno music and if everything clicked, hours and hours of dancing.  My favourite time to dance was in the early morning, so I'd pace myself to have a rest in the wee hours and emerge just before dawn. Some dawn dancefloors had the most amazing vibe if you could catch it. Sometimes the energy was fleeting, hard to tap into. Other times, the best times, it was something truly special to be part off. It's really hard to describe, but amidst the trashier aspects of the whole scene there could be a deeply spiritual experience. Each person dancing their own dance but in harmony and in conversation with each and every other person around them. Fragmenting and coming together again, like the pattern in a kaleidoscope.

Then as the day dawned and the sun shone brightly (hopefully) the vibe would morph into something more playful and even more trashy. People would go change into their day outfits, hats, big sunnies and lots bright colours and lurex in the sunlight. Lurex was big back then in the nineties, as was a certain type of polyester. In our circles at least. I remember having to ban cooks from wearing it in my kitchen, the thought of the possible burns being too much to bear.  This summer, like most this century, I've seen the advertisements and they don't pull as much as they used to. In my heart I know that I'm really too old and sensible for that sort of thing now, even though I do know of other older people who go and sometimes, just for a moment I'm tempted. Just for a moment.

November has been the month of GLAM for Self Portrait Challenge. Go on over and see who else is glamming it up.


  1. I love seeing this glimpse of a different life from your past as well as one I am not familiar with. I have never heard the term forest party before, but I they sound like the raves I would go to when I lived near San Diego.

  2. Hmm. I just skimmed the rave scene, favouring more the folk and celtic scene, and the big surf festivals. I did attend a Full Moon party in Thailand, which was incredible. Travellers from all over the world converging to dance their a....s off! I sometimes miss those days. I do love the music though.

  3. Your writing is so vibrant, so fluid, so multi-coloured, i'm wondering if you took an "e" for breakfast ? :)

  4. Moi, take an 'e' for breakfast? Didn't I say drugs are bad?