Happy birthday Mr G

Tonight is yet another of those nights where I would blob out in front of the telly if it wasn't for that strange internal commitment that is NaBloPoMo. I've had a few lambruscos and they've gone to my head, so I might have to come back tommorrow and clean up. But I will have done my post.

We spent the morning in a calm frenzy of baking and food prep (all strictly according to my running order) with me lapsing into head chef mode, "You don't have time to be talking on the phone, there's dishes that need to be done..." To which he replied "but it's my birthday."  As it was, we were ready well and truly before anyone turned up because this is Melbourne and everyone was fashionably late. Does anyone else remember going to parties where it was social death to even consider leaving the house until about eleven pm?  Well I'm guessing that this was the day time version. But it's not like that everywhere. As Gerard said, in Hobart, if you invited people at one to eat at two, they'd turn up at eleven to get an early start on the beer.

So there was lots of time to scan the skies and check the bureau of meteorolgy. We decided to go with my initial assesment that it would clear up around lunch time. As it was the weather was pleasantly balmy all afternoon. Nearly everyone we invited turned up, some with presents even. At this advanced age, I certainly don't expect presents, especially when we don't make a big deal of the birthday thing. From my sister, some beautiful peony roses and some chocolate covered ginger. From Paul, two exotic fruit trees that he may well have grown himself. This is the friend who when I was sad, delivered a trailerful of chicken manure to my backyard. He knows me well. G scored a very impressive collection of burnt CDs, hours of fun. So thanks guys. Anyway, we ate and drank and talked and a good time was had by all.

Then a bit after six, it started raining and everyone helped us bring stuff in. Then they all went home. Now everything has been put away and Grace has come down off her sugar high and is in bed. There's been some thunder and lightening. It's raining properly now and there will be a snack of leftovers for dinner. And maybe some more lambrusco and the last little bit of raspberry almond tart.


Lazy Cow said...

I admire your discipline in posting. I'm way too tired and just a teensy bit pissed :-)

Lazy Cow said...

How bizarre. It's been humid and there's definitely not been rain on this side of Melbourne! Glad you had a great day. So did we (amazing how smoothly social occasions go with some cocktails and red wine!)

suse said...

No rain, lazy cow?! Wow, we had TORRENTIAL rain, and thunder that made the dog tremble, and now all the drains are blocked.
That tart looks divine. Glad you had a good day.