Half time

So far so good. Have posted every day for NaBloPoMo. Even on the nights when I would rather just watch television. I haven't been stuck for a topic yet, but am starting to tire of my own domestic trivia. Too much and this is what we did today will do that, even to the autobiograpically inclined. But for the last week it would have been an almighty challenge not to write about life. To live life, research another topic and then write about said topic and still keep all the balls in the air. So it's been life is art, art is life around here. Even so, I am falling behind with my emails, my regular blog reading, Mrs Washalot and of course, the housework. But that may well have been the case anyway.

And I've been attempting to visit every blog on the NaBloPoMo list, starting from the bottom. I was going with the randomiser but it's hard to add the ones you like to your favourites. And I'm retentive enough to want to feel like I have visited every single one, in some sort of order. I'm up to T, working from the bottom down.  And I'm learning a lot about what attracts this casual reader. Pictures, I like pictures. I like content too, but only if I don't have to squint.

Most of the blogs I read regularly, I've found from the sidebars of blogs I already like, or from following comments. A bit like being introduced at a party, there's likely to be some mutual acquaintance or common interest. Or recommendation. But flicking through a list is different. It's so much more shallow. No pictures, the grey blogger template, a tagline that says musings, mutterings, ramblings or some such and I'm out of there. If a blogger tells me straight up that they're boring, who am I to argue. Schmutzie posted this recently, putting the point far more fetchingly than I ever would. All I can say is that I am so glad that G talked me out of some of my initial ideas for blog names. One even had the word mumble in it.

So when I came to waves of modulation, I was totally captivated. Beautiful pictures, just beautiful. And writing. And she likes weeds. Made me race out into the backyard with Grace and the camera, even in the ferocious windy cold snap we're having. To learn and to look.


em said...

Until I had a blog, I didn't realise that I was an extremely "visual" person - it matters so much to me that my blog is "pleasing to the eye" and I'm generally attracted to blogs that are well presented. I also love photos on blogs - which is why I *have* to post photos of my children on my blog... which I know concerns some people.
I wish I had the time to go through all the nablopomo blogs. Actually I wish I had more time to browse generally because there is so much out there!

Penni said...

What em said - I can only go so many days without posting a picture - I hate being faced with enormous tracts of text online - even on my own blog. I have no problem with putting pics of my kids online. It's part of them being out in the world. Can't keep them in their bedrooms forever (thank goodness).
Anyway, two things Janet. One is I must remember to send you soemthing for washalot. The other is, there's a really delightful new toyshop in High St Northcote that's worth a trip for, it stocks lots of lovelies, like the Esthex dolls. It's pretty expensive but they were very good about Fred poking about (gently) at things and have some toys set up to play with.