Good enough

We have quite a lot of junk on display in our backyard. Several old mirrors, bits of pressed metal and rusty tin. An old film lens, many different shaped pices of wood, old plumbing hardware, machine parts and one or two sculptures made of junk. Although I have imput (and cull the collection occasionally), I am not the artist at work here. Although I've always liked old things, it's taken a while for my eye to adjust and really appreciate the texture and beauty of flaking paint and perished surfaces and to sometimes leave things as they have been found rather than always restore or repaint them. To see and embrace the beauty in an object because of it's flaws and imperfections. We do still restore some items, particularly if they are going to be used inside the house, but sometimes it's a fine line. The rusty shelf in the photo has been on and off the restoration list for a while.

Throughout this challenge, I've been thinking a lot about human imperfection. There have been times in my life when I've thought that if I just concentrated and worked really hard that  I could improve myself, become a better person. Thinner, richer, smarter, kinder, confident at parties, and any other kind of better that I could imagine. And that non achievement of any of these aims indicated failure or lack of diligence on my part. Not trying hard enough. As I've settled into my forties, I've come to think that really, I am good enough. I am an OK person. Not perfect, but certainly not a total renovation project either.

Anyway, enough of October's month of imperfection. It will be good to think in another direction. November's theme is GLAM, which I find even more frightening. It's been a while since I wore anything sparkly  or glittery. Although I do have a past that contained that sort of thing. Hmm.

Self portrait challenge seems to be having a bob each way with the glam or the imperfection theme this week. You can take your pick here.

I can't seem to add my link to the SPC website this week. I've tried logging in and logging out, refreshing. Oh well.

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