Garden folly

Last night I was checking out whipup and noticed a discussion on the alt craft whiplash for November. It got me thinking on the whole notion of alt craft and this morning as I was lying in bed looking out the window, I thought I might just whip up something bright and whimsical this afternoon, as you do, and enter it in whiplash. Ha. I should know by now that I am not really a competition kind of girl. Last time I ended up rushing and then feeling all inadequate and neurotic. The (self imposed) pressure and indeed perhaps the whole idea of competitive craft makes me feel kind of ooky. But I'm a joiner and a jumper on of bandwagons and it's a very kindhearted and gentle sort of competition. So I felt all conflicted.  In the end, I decided that what I really wanted to do was to sit under the tree and make something really simple, a garden folly. I do these from time to time. The last one I made was when Grace was about four months old. It's a construction made from bottlebrush cuttings and sits on the front porch with ivy growing over it. Eventually these things fall apart and watching the decay is part of the fun.

We have a big clump of weedy watsonia (not sure if it's the really bad kind) in the front yard, which has died down. I remember my mother making woven mats out of the strappy leaves of this plant which grew on the vacant block behind our house when I was a child. So maybe this kind of thing is inherited. Anyway, after trying and finding that I couldn't crochet the leaves, I decided to make a shadow screen. A bit like the cardboard construction we used to make in the eighties to turn the telly into an exciting psychedelic party decoration. This involved rolling the leaves into circles and sewing them together.
It was easy and pleasant. My mind wandered, my eyes looked out over the garden at the flanders poppies as they faded throughout the day. I thought about how nice it is just to sit and make something really useless and pointless, just to feel the material in your hands, to see it take another form. To watching Grace play in the ashes of the barbeque and get really, really dirty. Thinking about a sandpit. Imagining how much fun it will be when she is ready to start making things herself. I'm really looking forward to the world of kiddy craft. At this stage she is interested in watching us and arranging things. Then at the end of the day, I put my little construction into place.

It reminds me of the doodles I sometimes do in the corners of pages. Like if I'm in training at work, or on the phone and not multitasking. I don't think it's a whiplash entry. I don't really think it's craft. I don't know what it is, other than a pleasant way to while away a couple of hours under the tree. Yes, I think they are three dimensional doodles.


Sheree said...

Whatever it is, it turned out beautifully. You should enter it anyways- just for fun.

angela said...

It's nice to meet you. Don't worry about leaving me comments that are too long. My favorite thing about blogging is getting to read really long comments from people.
Wow! Your craft came out really beautiful! I love it.
I'm excited to read more of your site. I'm glad you found.

Shula said...


Penni said...

I really love it too - it's so dreamy and drifty. I think it would be a beautiful entry for whiplash.
The thing I love about whiplash is all the lovely links to the things clever, whimsical, interesting people do - like a funny little roadmap. The thing I don't like is the sense of competition which is why I will never enter - I don't do craft to be good at it. There's plenty of stuff I feel like I ought to be good at already in my life. :)

tiff said...

that is so totally interesting man,
no really, I think it is great, i would love to see some bigger pics to really get what you have done here.
Ive been thinking alot about what is craft etc. so glad i started thinking about this and the whole alt craft thing is sooooo timely for me.
and isnt it enteresting how you can think well is this whiplish material, is it alt, is it craft? all that and them you get comments from others that so get where you are coming from.

Emily said...

georgeous. i love checking in on you and seeing the beauty in your world.

joyflea said...

Wow! That's gorgeous!! I'd love to see pics of it as it changes colour. How big is it overall?
I think you should enter it in Whiplash.

cynthia korzekwa said...

biomorphic bliss!