Everyday, for 30 days

Ever since I read about NaBloPoMo, I've been vacillating between yes, that sounds fun - I will, and no, that's a totally ludicrous idea - I won't. But last night in a fit of decision at the eleventh hour, I decided that yes, I would. Attempt to post everyday for the month of November, that is. Normally I'm pretty happy with two or three times a week but I wouldn't mind seeing what happened if I try to blog everyday. Will I run out of ideas? Will my posts get shorter? Will I become more focused or will I spend even more time faffing?

Anyway in making this commitment, I've decided that it can't be at the expense of spending time with my family, going to the gym, sleeping, my domestic obligations, playing in the garden or anything else to do with my normal everyday life. I expect that television and idle web browsing will be what gives. And maybe spelling and grammar. I'm telling myself that I can stop if it all gets too much but I probably won't. I still can't stomach the idea of buying new clothes on account of the wardrobe refashion pledge. Even if they are for work, which is specified in the rules. And I've always thought that I was a K for komittment kind of girl. Anyway, we'll see.


sheree said...

I wasn't sure about joining either. But I'm going to give it a go and see what happens. Maybe I'll just sound more scattered than normal. Or maybe I'll sound genius-like! :) It could happen!

daisies said...

i'm finding it so difficult but kind of fun because its forcing me to ramble when i don't want to ramble but even cooler is that i'm surfing other participant's blogs and finding all sorts of good stuff : )
nice to meet you!