We have quite a few agapanthus out the front. They line the path to the door and are a particular pleasure in the evening light. Like many other plants in my garden, they could also be considered weed in some situations. I remember at my thirtyfirst birthday barbeque being quite upset that some young boys had pulled out the first two flower spikes and were using them as swords.  Not that I said anything.


Sheree said...

Lovely photos. I like agapanthus too...purple is one of my favorite colors.

suse said...

Agapanthus are indeed a declared weed where we live. I had them in my city garden; it's funny how I look on them with quite a different eye now. Your photos are divine though.
I was about to write a weed post myself, as I picked a bouquet of grasses and weeds and put them in a vase yesterday.