Adventures in crochet

I wasn't going to enter whiplash this month, but a comment by sarawithanh on this post got me thinking. About crochet in particular. I love making rag rugs, cushion covers and baskets from old clothing torn into strips, and I guess you could call that alt craft, at a stretch. However that's a winter telly watching type craft and we definitely do not need anymore rag rugs in this house. Then I was diverted by my garden folly project, which I decided not to enter. Nonetheless I decided that I could definitely handle another afternoon in the backyard lounging area with a frivolous piece of craft in my hands, watching Grace explore the garden.

So I started thinking about what materials could be worked with a crochet hook. The watsonia leaves probably could, but would need lots of preparation. I once crocheted strips of kelp while on holiday. Once dry, they curled into fabulous shapes. I'd really like to do that again but we're nowhere near an ocean beach. In the end I decided that I would find something at the two dollar shop or supermarket and see where it took me. I came away with three possibilities; wire, string and twist tie. The wire I wrote off quickly. It hurt too much. The string had possibilities and I started making a bag, but it was going to be big and ugly. And the string had a nasty chemical smell in my hands. Not really all that pleasant to work with. So I made a little basket for some of Grace's outside blocks. Then I started to play with the twist tie and to my surprise it was easy to work with. And fun.

The best thing about crocheting the twist tie is the way it can be worked with a loose open stitch and is self supporting. It can also be squeezed and shaped with your hands. This little basket is going to live outside and hold some of Grace's outside blocks. Her favourite activities are filling and emptying containers, and carrying things around in bags. I wonder how she'll react to a basket that can be moulded with her hands.

 So there you go. I did enter after all. I suppose it would have to go in the category of skill? There's not much design involved and really the exercise was about the materials and what could be done with them. Oh, and the garden folly got some running repairs today and is starting to dry out and change colour. I think it will be fun to watch. I'll post some new photos next week, weather permitting.


h&b said...

Wow ! They look *amazing*.
Definately an item of 'skill' ... very impressive.
Don't you just love using new materials to do 'old' work ? So satisfying.
I can think of a 1000 uses for these ..

Shula said...

Dammit, Janet. I love it.

tiff said...

i love this theme, the stretch!
I have been looking at different materials to wezve, hadnt thought if crochet, do you twist the twist ties together first?
cant quite see how you have done this, it would be a good way to recylcle the buggers.

Janet said...

Tiff, I bought the the twist tie in a roll so I didn't have to join it. Unfortunately not a way to recycle the short ones. But it was fascinating to crochet, quite pliable yet mouldable.

sooz said...

Excellent! I freakin love these. I think I'll have to host you for a crochet session...