Almost finished fiddling and faffing

I've been planning a new blog look for a while, and I'm glad I put it off, because once I start fiddling, I find it hard to stop. For the last couple of weeks, I've been messing around in Wordpress and Blogger, trying to set up a nice looking photoblog for G. Not that he isn't infinitely more capable at this sort of thing than I am, but I had this idea that I wanted to learn another system. Now I know that really, I don't.

However it was in Wordpress that I learned all about web safe colours, and that each of these 4096 colours has a six digit number which can be used to select font and background colours other than the standard range offered by Typepad. My favourite colour picker so far is febooti but there are pages of them if you google "web safe color wheel" or something to that effect. Hours of fun. Except that I couldn't choose between a fetching limey yellow or the yolkier yellow for the background. Which G tells me doesn't really matter, because apparently I am odd in that I like to view web pages in a full size window. But it matters to me. I don't know whether the yellow background will last all that long. I'm not really a yellow sort of person but there were far too many greens to choose from. I may end up with the beige.

I've also updated my sidebar with the blogs that I have been visiting regularly over winter. I feel like I have been a terrible lurker but commenting hasn't come easily to me. For some reason, I often get overcome with fear of foot in mouth when trying to comment. Or my thoughts evaporate as soon as I get to the comment window. So if your blog is up there on my sidebar and I haven't commented yet, I apologise for lurking. It will stop. And once I get past the first comment or two, I don't feel so weird about it.  Besides, who doesn't love getting comments. I know I do, because it is proof beyond the stat counter (which after all is only an anonymous number) that people are reading what I have to say. And I am an absolute sucker for an audience. So thank you to everyone who has read and commented so far. That said, I like lurkers too. You are all welcome. And I've introduced a new category, for want of a better word, the Blogazine. Under which I am including blogs written by more than one person, but more thematic than a group blog. If that makes sense.

And I've listed with Australian Blogs. This site came to my attention when Susoz pointed out that there were only eight blogs listed under feminism. Now there are sixteen which is better, but I'd like to think that there might be more Australian bloggers out there wearing that particular label with pride. I wouldn't mind seeing more entries under craft or gardening either. I found that I have had quite a few referrals from this site and that I quite enjoy browsing for new blogs there. It is very quick and easy to find blogs you might be interested in. The only thing I don't like is that you can't edit or delete your information once it is posted. Which is a pity when your spelling is as crap as mine. Never mind, the administrator was very pleasant when I sent an email requesting deletion of a non functioning link.

Well I think that's it. I have the house to myself for a couple of hours so I think I might crank up the sewing machine or sit in the garden with a book. By myself. Such pleasures are rare and must be savoured.



madmommy said...

Isn't it funny...I, too, lurk quite a few places. I think I am just as flattered when people list me in their blogrolls (thankyou!) because then I know you are there with me. And sometimes, just knowing you're not out there talking to yourself is enough!

Ms Batville said...

I know what you mean as a fellow lurker. I don't think you should worry about foot in mouth. I thought your comments on my blog for one for very insightful and helped me to think about what I want to say. So far it has been baby steps and a few babblings about little things here and there, but I will take your advice I think and become more bold.
(And thank heavens for another feminism sister link in Australian blogs. I fear I may have listed as "feminist" so maybe we are up to 17 now).
Ms Batville

Rachel said...

I tend to lurk about some places, too. But once I start commenting, like here, I keep it up. I think Aussies are more approachable people than my fellow Americans. Must be all the great accents and curious sounding words like opshop and bumshuffle.
One of these days, I will update my sidebar and you'll be there. I love my dose of that good olf fashioned Muppin Stuff!