Wet old Wednesday

I know I'm supposed to rejoice in the rain, because as everyone is saying, it's been a dry winter and spring and we desperately need the rain. Yes we do. It's good for farmers, good for the garden, good for hayfever, good for water storage blah blah blah. But it's pox for doing the washing. I'm so over drying clothes inside and the shuffle between the heater, and the rails above the door and the dryer of despair. We've left it for a day, G can deal with the laundry monster tomorrow. It's also crap for my Wednesday walk around the suburb, going from mother's group, to the opshop for books, to lunch and a spot of shopping, especially with a small child who will not wear shoes or socks, no matter how cold. I lost the battle on that one today and copped a number of bad mother stares from (mostly grandmotherly) women in the street. To maintain a positive vibe, I tried to ignore the drips inside my raincoat and take photos of bright, rain soaked colour on our walk.

This was the first spot of colour that jumped out at me. I remember this house being the same colour when a friend and I inspected it as a possible share house back in 1985. It was rejected as it had an unworkable floorplan. I don't think it has been painted or maintained since then.

Second spot of colour. On abandoned housing development built on a site contaminated by toxic drycleaning chemicals. I don't think we'll be playing in the playground next door.

Third patch of colour on the wall in the lane coming out of Spotlight. Felt guilty going there but I really needed some bias binding to finish some pants in the final stages of construction. He looks off his face, strange and unhappy. Needless to say, I was very pleased to come home to this.

I am quite besotted with my front garden at the moment. The effect I have been going for is woodland. I even like some of the weeds and how it looks better a little unkempt, well to my mind anyway. Sometimes I see people stop and look through the front gate, sometimes shaking their heads, sometimes enjoying it. It's the sort of garden I would look at too.

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em said...

I wrote about my garden today too - and how much I hate its formality... I love your garden!