Sunny sunday morning

Somehow I convinced Gerard that today would be a good for a Coburg market outing, as we haven't been for a few weeks. There's not enough turnover to go every week, and some are better than others. We got there about nine thirty but I reckon all the really good stuff had already gone, like the tin of old buttons for $2 that I heard the dealers talking about at the ephemera stall. When I got to the stall that had had the buttons, I could see that they might have had lots and lots of really great stuff but that being market novices they had sold it all too cheap. I felt sorry for them really, I know what it is like to be setting up your stall in the wee small hours, not sure what's hot and what's not, having dealers and pushy bargain hunters haggle and get in your way as you try to get everything organised. Last couple of stalls we had at Daylesford, I told people to go away until we were ready and became quite direct when they got pushy.

I did buy a few things though. Like a bunch of old patterns that I thought were for children's clothes but are actually for dolls clothes. I suppose there might come a time of sewing dolls clothes but I'm not sure if I'd use a pattern. Anyway, I guess they're quite cute if a little disturbing, especially the patterns for the high heeled doll. Shudder.

I couldn't resist a small, old and pretty scruffy paper box from Mr Ephemera, it says Glitter Wax on the outside which sounds fun and modern, despite the old packaging. I would really have liked to have seen what Glitter Wax was like but I suppose even if it hadn't been modelled a long time ago, it would have deteriorated by now. I do like the picture of the mother with two crafting little children at her feet.They look so neat and orderly, just like at our house (what no clutter and piles of unfinished winter sewing?). Anyway inside the box is a set of six very charming animal stamps.  Only $2, can't go wrong, hours of fun.

I also bought some cardboard baby books and quite a few golden books. One was Very Busy Barbie (Mattel 1993), a stunningly stilted tale of how Barbie runs late for a modelling job interview because she is taking her elderly neighbour to hospital and yet still gets the job because not only is she beautiful, but her employer learns of her good deeds. Oh dear, so bad it's good, almost. Another is called We Help Daddy (MIni Stein & Eloise Wilkins 1979). Illustrations follow.

Check out the pipe. The daddy is smoking a pipe pretty much the whole way through. Despite the pipe smoking and the very stereotypical gender roles, I find this one quite charming and it has the soft feel of a much read book.  I also bought Tootle and The Saggy Baggy Elephant, which I remember from my childhood, and a few others. Gerard bought a few also, he tends to buy wacky cartoon adventures, while I go for the domestic, girly or prettily illustrated ones. Never mind, I suppose it won't be long before Grace is telling us what she likes and doesn't. Even now, I am often quite surprised at which books become favourites.


house-n-baby said...

The pipe is cracking me up - first thing I noticed ;)

Sherri said...

I LOVE that book! I used to read it to my sons all the time. It made me want to live that fairy tale kind of life!! Oh the memories...thank you..