Spring is sprung

First day of spring. Started off well enough, a little play with Grace, a beautiful sunny golden drive to work. Blue skies. Warm. Work seemed OK, a number of people were wearing bright pink to mark the first day of spring (gotta love public service dress code). But as the day wore on everything I touched seemed to turn to complication. I heard a very sad story that touched a big sadness in me, one runs very close to the surface at this time of the year. The day seemed broken after that.

I was glad to get home and debrief, to roll around on the bed with Grace playing tickaticatica. Her joy and her cuddles made me happy and sad all at once. We played in the garden, even as dark fell it was still balmy. A hot summer this year? Certainly it's dry, but we've had warm springs that don't lead into hot summers. So, who can say? I think I'm going to sow the first lot of summer vegetable seeds this weekend, just in case.

Early evening is one of my favorite times in the garden. At the moment it is incredibly perfumed. The jasmine is starting to blossom, the plum is shedding petals like fragrant snowflakes and there's this other tree (a native I think) which has clusters of creamy yellow that are intensely scented, especially at night. Jasmine reminds me of being at boarding school and a little hidey hole down the back of the oval, near a side fence. A good spot for a fag and gossip, and to just lie around and take in the smell. I'm going through a little phase of missing smoking, even though it's been five years since I gave up. This doesn't happen much anymore, so I'm sure it will pass.

Early evening, the colours of the garden take on a mysterious hue. Especially these blue chinese forget-me-nots that grow wild at a friend's place up near Daylesford. For a while, I regretted planting these as they can take over and be hard to control. But I had a change of heart last summer and decided I liked them as they are also very drought and neglect tolerant. And pretty.

I'm also loving these euphorbia which also come pretty close to being a weed. There's a row of them in one of the beds. I like the shapes of the flower heads and the lime green that deepens in the dying light. After the flowers, the tough leaves form a backdrop to other plants.

I felt better after hanging around the garden, checking out what's doing, watching Grace explore and climb. After dinner I watched Bridget Jones's Diary on telly, despite G complaining that I'd already seen it several times. Some movies are even better after a few watches, and this for me is one of them. And I was sewing, so not having to concentrate too hard was good. He went to bed out of boredom. I finished purple felt cat, who may make an appearance tomorrow. Am feeling better. Much.


girlfriday said...

Spring is freshness isn't it ... good things and bad things. Glad to hear the blossoming garden and the *kidstuff* helped balance you for the day.

Penni said...

I could watch Bridget Jones Diary over and over, it's like comfort food. And I do heart Colin Firth.
Glad you feel better - associations aside, there is nearly always an ambivalence in me, a kind of melancholy attached to the changing of the seasons. Though I have to say being a home based worked, and full time with Una for the past year and part time with Fred (who also goes to creche), I feel more relief at the end of winter than I ever have before.
I wonder if we are neighbours. Your Melbourne sounds like my Melbourne...

em said...

It was a beautiful spring day here in Adelaide too...
I tried to persuade W to watch BJD ... but he refused so I got him to watch P&P instead (on DVD). A little Colin Firth goes a long way!
You went to boarding school? For how long?

Janet said...

If I could get G to watch P&P, then maybe he'd get the point of Bridget Jones. Or maybe not. He doesn't mind Colin Firth but can't stand Hugh Grant, who I find very amusing. Anyway.
I went to boarding school for the last three years of high school while our parents were in Port Moresby. All in all, it was a good experience. Will probably write about it one day, as it seems to be coming to the surface a bit.