Saturday slacktitude

Once again I got to sleep in this morning. An extra two hours sleep and some time to lie around reading and looking out the window, thinking about the week just gone. Letting thoughts and sadness settle and then feeling at ease again. I finally got up after Grace's morning nap and we had  a long pancake brunch together. Then she had a wriggle while I had coffee and read some of the paper.  In the afternoon we lazed around the garden with a visiting friend from Tas. I took a photo of the purple cat I finished last night. We talked about names but none of the suggestions seemed to fit. I think he might be called Mr PurpleCat. I think he looks a bit uptight but Grace seems to quite like him, for a toy.

Mr PurpleCat is made from the sleeve of a cardigan that my mum made for Grace. The wool (Bluebell crepe?) was supposed to be machine washable. It felted after about three washes. And proceeded to shrink even more with each wash.

It was so warm today that I wore a t-shirt and thongs. I'm starting to think about toenail polish and leg hair removal. And camping and holidays. And then I drunk some beer, not much at all, because I am a hopelessly cheap drunk but enough to cement the feeling of total slacktitude that seemed to hang over the day. Quite nice really.

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