Me and Mr G

I took this photo of Gerard and me by accident about a month ago. Along with my mum and stepfather, we'd been helping my sister Betty and her partner, Cam, move house. It was just after lunch, and I was playing around with the camera and taking pictures of their Hills Hoist, as you do. Gerard is in the background talking with Camo and his stance is so typical, as is the beanie and general scruffiness. I kind of like that about him (even though I often try and persuade him to be a bit less scruffy) because it means I can be a scruffnut too, if I want. He doesn't care because he loves me just as I am. How good is that?

We've been together nearly seven years now, although I first met him through an employee of our old business about ten years ago. At that time, although I heard a voice inside saying he's the one, I just wasn't listening. Luckily fate gave us another chance three years later when our paths crossed at club one night. About two minutes (slight exaggeration here) into our relationship Gerard asked me to marry him. I replied that it was far too early to make that sort of commitment. The offer has never been back on the table. When people ask why our daughter has a different surname to me, I say she is our lovechild. It's pretty common around here not to get married, even when you have children, so you'd think people wouldn't comment, but they do.

Married or not, I have never before felt so loved, so secure, so free to be myself. That's not to say that we haven't had some difficult times. It took about a year of living together before all the rough edges between us smoothed over. Even now if we fight, it's awful. We're both scorpios and fighting is always a bitter cold power struggle. I tend to give in because I just can't bear the silence. Luckily there's very little to fight about these days.

If I were to try and pinpoint why we are so good together, I would say, apart from that spark you need to be a couple, it comes down to sensibility. We have pretty similar ideas about how we want to live our lives. Neither of us is particularly career minded but I've found my little work niche. Gerard does contract work and has yet to find his. We like material things but we're into secondhand and recycling when practical. We like making art and craft, building furniture, funny collections, playing in the garden, camping, music, having hobbies, books, television and the internet, cooking at home and hanging around with Grace and the rest of the tribe. It's a funny little life but it's good.  Very good.

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BZ said...

Scruffy is good. Great write up.

Bedazzzled1 said...

From one Scorpio to another, I am glad to hear the two of you fit together so well in all the ways that truly matter. That is key.
And your photo is so interesting...all the colors in it and the angle make it an eyecatcher.

Penni said...

Great photo. Great relationship. Great life.

girlfriday said...

love the accidental photo ... and the plumbing in the foreground: representative of craft and recycling and practicality. isn't it curious that people feel the need to clarify *why* your daughter has a different surname !