Day of the Dads

When I asked G whether he wanted a present for father's day, he said no. I asked if he wanted a special dessert, offering baked goods, but he wanted caramello chocolate for after dinner. Easy, peasy. In the morning he wanted a sleep in and orange juice in bed. But by the time I had Grace up and was ready to do breakfasty things, he was up too. He's not one for lying around. So instead I tried to tell him what a great Dad he is, because it's true.

I never knew how deeply I wanted to have children until I settled down with Gerard. Our journey towards parenthood has not been easy and he has remained true the whole way. Sometimes we've both doubted; worrying that we are too old, too odd, not rich enough or even just not the sort of people who should have kid(s). Looking back, I'm horrified that we could have missed out on this biggest joy of all. All those things don't matter as nearly as much as we thought they might. All sorts of people have families in all sorts of conditions and do just fine. Indeed, there is nothing like the responsibility of providing a home for your child that sorts out your priorities. I never rationally considered whether G would be a good Dad. I think my heart and body just knew.

Not only does he do his share of crappy nappies, he truly loves to spend time with Grace, as in whole days. He makes her toys and other bits to play with. He wrestles and plays world cup soccer with her in the back yard, and is always up for a book or a cuddle. And he tells her that she has to follow the (not so) mighty (at the moment) Blues, or she'll be mocked.

My own Dad is a great dad too. He's been my dad for 42 years now, so we've had ebb and flow. Watching my Dad be a grandfather to Grace is a joy. Having Grace has changed our relationship, more subtle than with Mum, but I think having your own child finally confirms you as an adult in the minds of your parents. Or perhaps there's now a big experience that you have in common and you're more inclined to appreciate their parenting. Despite having a different aspirations than us, he never mocks our choices. Indeed he is pretty supportive of our endeavours and lifestyle choices. More than I can say, really. I can tell when he has read my blogs because he goes through them very systematically and it shows on my stats and referrers page. And he has kept me supplied with computing and digital photography equipment. Not quite the latest gasp, but good solid technology and better than I'd be able to buy myself. And he comes over and shows me how to do stuff (like killing viruses) and makes it all work. It's one of his ways of showing me that he loves me. Thanks Dad.

Now I must go and make dinner. We're having egg pasta with herb and almond pesto, chopped tomatoes and mushrooms. And as requested, caramello nougat chocolate for afters. Some dads are easy to please. Yummo.

Happy fathers day!

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em said...

Okay, you've inspired me. I need to write a post about the two dads in my life!