I love baking. Heaven to me would be a well paid gig in a beautiful kitchen with a view of a lovely garden, someone to wash up after me and no time pressure (which rules out cooking in a commercial kitchen). Recently I've started baking the odd cake or biscuit on the weekend, even though I know it's not good for my waistline. But it is good for my soul. This weekends effort was yo-yos, inspired by wanting to eat these by tiny happy.

Baking yo-yos for me is always about a search for perfection. Here are some of the more perfect ones I made. There are none left. Even the less perfect (but still delicious) very, very brown ones have been eaten. I've written the recipe on my new project, the recipe blog. There's not much there yet, but hopefully it will grow and I will then have all my recipes in one place.

 As they were baking, I was talking to my mum on the phone. She has some very definite ideas on yo-yo perfection, not browned, lemon icing, not too big. I agree on the not too big and like lemon icing myself but G thinks they'd be nicer with chocolate icing (which I'm open to trying). I also like them very crisp, just short of browned. My oven is quite dodgy, so all over yo-yo perfection is hard to attain. I also asked her whether there was a difference between yo-yos and melting moments. According to my mum, melting moments are much softer in texture, often made as a forcer biscuit and contain cornflour instead of custard powder. This led to a long and convoluted discussion about who of her country relatives cooked what biscuit or slice and so on. So much family history in a biscuit.

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melissa said...

oh yum! They look amazing!
Interesting to hear that there is a difference between yo-yos and melting moments- and cool that you could have a long discussion about your family and how they relate to baking biscuits, excellent..