What's your inner flower?

Apparently I'm an echinacea, "you are a health conscious person, both your health and the health of others. You know all about the health benefits and dangers of the world around you." Hmm, those who know me well may not agree.

I am an

What Flower
Are You?

Anyway, it's a pretty fun sort of quiz. I noticed it while checking out bekka's self portrait challenge. The quiz is from garden blog, this garden is illegal. I can see there is a whole new part of blogland for me to explore. 

If do the quiz and want to display the picture and link on your blog, you need to add the snippet of code provided using the Edit HTML tag in the window where you post. It took me quite a while to work that one out. Another victory for the technoklutz! But oh no, I've lost the border, still a bit klutzy..

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