Sunday at the trash and treasure

Coburg trash and treasure wasn't that good from a buying stuff point of view this weekend. It was windy, which dampened my enjoyment of poking around and amplified the grizzles of little one. She was after sweeties by the second row, which really is far too scary even for me. Yes, I admit to occasionally giving Grace a liqorice allsort (or two) so that I can shop, but not very often and not that many. So we went off to meet a friend and her little bub all snug in the baby bjorn and for a little a play at the playground. Grace likes watching the bigger children and climbing, standing and tottering around the edges of things.

I took this photo at the beginning, before we started shopping and the wind got to me. It looks so late winter/early spring to me. The trees are still bare, but the weather is warming up so quickly, you can almost feel the plants getting ready for a big growth surge.

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