So much better for a big sleep

Today was Saturday sleep in day and somehow after getting up and toasting a crumpet to take back to bed and having some play with Grace, I managed to sleep in until 1.30pm! Surely a record, post life with child, that is. In my old life, I sometimes slept very, very late. Especially after a big night out. No such foolishness anymore. Still it was beautiful to sleep, and read, and think, and then sleep some more.

I had planned to spend the afternoon gardening but by the time I showered, dressed, ate and had coffee, there wasn't all that much of the day left. And all this took a long time because I felt very slow and tired, but in a good as opposed to sleep deprived sort of way. I managed to spend about an hour and a half weeding the vegie patch and checking out what was doing what around the garden.

Above are tritella, a bulb from South Africa which are from my Nan's garden originally. They are naturalising well, even though they do tend to get run over by the lawn mower before the first flowers come out. Below is our gnarly old plum tree. I often fantasise about chopping it down as it is full of cutleaf moth and gall wasps. But the plums make the most sublime, if somewhat fiddly, jam. And it is shady. And it isn't our tree to chop down anyway. Not that that would stop me, but it is a big tree and somehow central to the garden. I'm hoping that I'll be home on that perfect spring day (bound to happen soon) when the sun is shining and there's a gentle breeze and the air is full of softly falling petals and a subtle blossom aroma. If I am, I'm going to sit under the tree for a while with a book and a cup of tea and just take it all in.

As I tended my onion patch today, I reflected that it has been spectaclarly unsuccessful. Hardly any of the onions I planted as seedlings in June have survived. I don't know whether I planted them badly, or whether they don't have enough sun (our vegie patch is a little shady in winter) or whether they don't like the pea straw mulch. I pulled out all the pea shoots and weeds. Not many onions there. So I'll try some onion seeds soon and see what happens.


em said...

1.30pm?!! I'm extremely jealous. Nothing like that ever happens in my house (here it is 6.30am everyday).

Janet said...

Oh I know, I know! I am so lucky. I don't know any other mother who gets to sleep in regularly like I do. It all started after I was ill, as the doctors said I needed to be careful about getting enough sleep and somehow it has become an institution. G is very good about looking after Grace while I have a rest. He is meant to have a sleep in on Sundays but rarely does.

jennifer said...

What a beautiful thing to do Janet! I am
reading it in Vietnam! I will keep reading it
and hope you never finish! Vietnam is
just what I need! Thanks for Birthday Greetings and will see in you in about 6 months - my holiday. Grace looks beautiful.
I am so happy it has all worked out so well for you.