Rebaking my childhood

I don't know whether it has something to do with watching my sister Betty move house, but for the last couple of days I have had an insane desire to cook some old family favourites. Last night I made lemon butter with some lemons from someone at my stepfathers's work. The lemons looked a little old and I was worried that I'd forgotten how, but it turned out perfectly. Gorgeous yellow and very bitey and exciting, just how I like it. When we were at boarding school, every so often, my sister and I used to stay with Nan and Pa for the weekend. Sometimes Nan would give us a little jar each to take back to school as a treat. In those days boarding school food was truly excreable and we would arrange to meet in the box room and eat those little jars of deliciousness small spoonful by small spoonful.

Looking through my Nan's recipe book, I couldn't find a recipe for it. She probably made it from memory. I did find however, a recipe for chocolate slice made with weetbix. I loathe and detest weetbix with milk, it makes me gag even thinking about it. But this little slice, yummo. Very crisp. Very easy. It's not one that my mum used to make, but her country relatives did and I remember it well. Leafing through Nan's book, I noticed that it was filled with recipes for sweet baked goods. Only one or two savoury recipes. I remember that Nan's savoury cooking was very good, but plain. Biscuits, slices and cakes that's where the glory (and recipe swapping) was. I love this old book and am going to transcribe, and convert to metric, all the recipes that I remember. I'm also going to try and write down my own recipes. Hence my new(ish) project, eater.

The other dish I made today was egg and bacon pie. Mum, Grace and I walked around to Betty's new place for lunch. The pie was still warm and juicy. It's not something G would like (being a vegetarian and all) but it hit the spot today. We were total barbarians and didn't even have salad with it.

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