For the first week of the August theme, enclosed spaces, this one just jumped out at me. In our cars we are in our own little capsule, zooming about amongst others also in their own little capsules. When we go out together as a family, it feels even more so. Especially when whooshing along the freeway from Werribee back into town. We only have one car and don't drive all that much during the week, aside from the odd trip here and there, it's mostly just the weekly supermarket shop and my 10 minute commute two days a week. On longer weekend drives, I quite enjoy being a passenger. Gerard's good driver and I feel safe and relaxed. It's a chance to do nothing much other than chat, listen to music and look out the window. Some of our happiest times have been on long road trips together. On one night stops in the outback, we often slept in the back of the car and occasionally if it was rainy or windy would even eat dinner sitting in the front. Hopefully Grace will enjoy camping and long distance car travel when she's older. At this point she either likes being in the car or it's the worst thing in the world (which she's quite vocal about) or she sleeps.

Many more self portraits here.

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stuffed said...

Ooh, that shot's a keeper! I wish I had car pix from my wee youth.