One of those days

Today has been one of those days. I was so late for mother's group that they were all gone by the time I got there. Somehow the morning just got away from me, eventhough I had two loads of washing on the line by half past nine and resisted the urge to faff on the computer. I was struggling with the folding and the dishes and having a shower and feeding the child and preventing the child from hurting herself. It hasn't felt this out of control since those early days. Doesn't help that I have a big sore spot on my head from where I bumped into a door frame last night.  I'd gotten into bed and then thought that I'd forgotten to turn the heater off and just had to get up and check. It was dark and I was tired and boy, oh boy did it hurt. Looks like there's going to be a big shiny bruise too. Oh well.

Yesterday I turned my back for two minutes and in that time, Grace managed to find and hide my car keys, sunglasses and the phone. I spent over an hour looking for these things while she napped. Grace has also developed a fondness for standing next to the radio in the kitchen and turning it up as loud as possible. Then she holds onto the shelf underneath and sort of jiggles with a big smile on her face. I can understand when it's music, but the local ABC?  And I worry about damage to her ears. So I did a little more childproofing.  G thinks it is a bit wrong, but as I explained, elastoplast can be lifted and restuck a number of times. Probably won't be long before Grace figures that one out. Still, one of G's solutions to Grace's habit of turning off the computer while one is in the middle of something has proved surprisingly long lasting and effective. Maybe not being able to see all those flashing lights makes it less tempting for our little angel.

After finding my keys and sunglasses in the bucket of sports equipement in the hallway, I came to this arrangement. Not very glamorous and I think I am going to miss having the nice arrangement of objects and the woven mat on the hall table. You can also see one of the other unlovely features of this house, the paint finish on the doorways. Not as evil as the carpet, but close (repeat to yourself, you are lucky to have this house, at this rent, in this suburb). Anyway the arrangement on the hall table was just too tempting and far too much work. There are also bitemarks appearing in this piece of furniture, adding no doubt to the patina of age.

We also have a shelf above the little table in the kitchen which is quickly becoming a repository for all manner of items required to be at hand or removed from her clutches. I think that little pile might have to be next on my slow decluttering agenda.

The phone was found sitting on the concrete outside after being posted out the catdoor. It has now been moved to higher ground. I don't want to remove everything from Grace's orbit but I guess it's going to be a while before she learns not to pull everything apart. I'm trying to save "no" for a few key things, like not hurting the cat or sticking her fingers up my nose.

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melissa said...

oh, this is so familiar! When my son was a baby, his favourite pastime was to switch off the computer while I was writing an email... we never used ingenious methods like you do though- so clever!