My favourite flower and a window

I have been spending what time I can in the garden. There is so much to do. Seeds to plant, weeds to pull out, seedlings to go in. And my favourite flower in the whole garden to admire.

I don't know the botanical name, to me it is the orange poppy. I bought the first orange poppy many years ago on a garden outing with my mum and nan. We found a fantastic cottage garden nursery near the Daylesford botanical gardens. The first one barely survived, but self seeded. It's quite a tough plant and seems to grow best in slightly difficult situations, like between paving stones. Sometimes the plants survive from one season to the next, sometimes not. The seedlings come up here and there but are difficult to transplant. I've tried collecting the seeds and sowing them where I would like them to grow but that doesn't seem to work either. So now I look out for the little seedlings and protect them from harm. There are only two in bloom so far. Later on, each plant will have a mass of orange poppies.

Yesterday as I walked home from a quick visit with Grace to my sisters house, I noticed two of these windows. The house is a fine old 1930s bungalow but fairly scruffy. Not that you can really tell in the dark. But what a lovely old window.

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kimmy said...

Poppies are my absolute favorite flower too. Not only is the bloom a wonder but the nodding , fuzzy little buds and the sweet, star topped seed pods that follow are just as wondrous. Not to mention the other interesting properties of this beloved (but often hated) botanical.