More treasure

Yesterday, which now seems a very long time ago, we went to the Coburg Trash and Treasure market again. I don't know whether I'm watching collectors on the ABC a bit too often, but I'm on a roll. At the moment I like old plastic, old photos and books, especially old children's books.  I've pretty much always liked this sort of thing but chancing on the blog ephemera opened my eyes to ways of collecting photos. I've decided to concentrate on snapshots of childhood and domestic life. Hopefully my collections will grow slowly and not take up too much space. Otherwise I'll have to have a stall myself and put some of it back in circulation. But at least I will have had the joy of possession for a while.

The best book I have bought for a long time is this one.

It's in really good condition, which is unusual for a book like this, and it has these beautiful cut outs so that you can see parts of one page from the one on top. I tried to capture the cut outs with the second picture but really only succeeded in washing out the colour. Underneath where Mrs Noah is washing the floor of the ark (yet again) is the rest room for bats and owls. This one will have to be read to the small child (who still likes to eat books) under close supervision.

This plastic baby was another find, and I didn't even have to pay for it. The stall holder gave it to Grace, who wanted to eat it before it had been washed. Yuck. We did end up buying a rather hideous truck slash robot that talks when the dump truck is emptied from her stall. Hours of delight for both G and Grace.

In the background is another new toy, which Grace also loves and is carting around the house alot. I still haven't found a set of wooden blocks or a standing activity centre thing, but I think she has enough to play with at the moment. This sunday, the Coburg market was really buzzing, nicer weather has bought more stall holders out of hibernation. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood, even the regular dealers who seem to have lots of interesting stuff at low prices, perfect for this market.


Marty Weil said...

Thanks for the kind mention of my blog; I'm glad it was helpful.

Shannon said...

Ohh what a great find! Ive been meaning to head down to the Coburg market, always prefer trash'n'treasure to crafty stalls! I love to wade through peoples junk!!