In a tent

The other weekend I had the idea that if I pitched the tent under the clothesline that Grace would play in and around it for hours and I could garden without having to constantly chase her. I also had in mind some particular photos to take. Alas, the little blue tent I had in mind and thought was in the laundry has been given to the opshop, probably in the pre-baby nesting frenzy purge of excess stuff. Grace, of course wanted nothing more than to grab my camera. And then to scoot off and bumshuffle around the garden. Still, it was nice to lie in the tent for a while, smelling that tent holiday smell and contemplating future camping holidays.

Lots more self portraits here.

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Georgia said...

I love being in a tent! My hubby wants to get one of those camping trailer things... I am fighting to stay in a tent. :)