In the scullery

One of the more charming features of our crumbling old home is the scullery. It's basically a very small room off the kitchen which contains the kitchen sink, lots of stacking space for dirty dishes and shelves for clean dishes (and camera, because taking pictures of housework is so much more fun than actually doing it). The main advantage of a scullery is that it makes keeping the rest of the kitchen tidy easy, even when hosting a barbeque or other social event. When I was young and this house was the scene of wild(ish) parties, people used to cram into the scullery, sometimes for snogging, sometimes for conversation. If I ever get to design my ideal kitchen, it will have a modern version of the scullery, but with a dishwasher.

As I washed the dishes this morning, Grace bumshuffled around the house destroying all our efforts at childproofing. If she could reach something, it was on the floor. Trying to get everything all picked up for long enough to do the weekly vacuum tests my patience. I feel very lucky to have become a mother at my age but sometimes the housework overwhelms me. Still, despite the presence of the kitchen sink, I do quite like being in my scullery.

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DebR said...

This makes me wish for a scullery! Cool photo.

Sarah-Jean said...

Very nice photo!

VictoriaE said...

Wow, I wish I had a scullery. I love how you have a range of memories in the one house from different life stages.

Kathy Butterfield said...

We have bought an old home (in Canada) with a scullery. Your picture was not very clear...would you have any other pictures? I can not decide if I wish to keep the scullery, or incorporate it with the rest of the kitchen, as the rest of the kitchen is very small, but the scullery has really caught my eye. Your web site had the only picture I could find on the web.
Thank you
Kathy Butterfield
Prince Rupert, BC