House of the snufflekins

We've all come down with the snuffles and sneezes. Not really sick but not crash hot either. Grace is suffering the most, with big gobs of snot streaming out her nose constantly. I've tried to teach her to blow her nose but she just laughs and starts to shred the tissue. G was tired from going to see Radio Birdman. He's been telling me how great it was ever since he stumbled (quietly) in during the wee hours. I had to remind him several times today that he has already told me how great they were. Glad he had a good time, a happy G is quite fun to have around the house.

So it was a great excuse to have a very very slow day of sitting around in my dressing gown, sitting in the sun, chasing Grace and wandering around the garden in my ugboots checking out what's doing what in the garden.

At this stage, it's all in the detail. Small flowers emerging from big bushy bits of foliage and weeds. Snow drops are new to my garden, planted last year. There were lots of naturalised snow drops in the remenant bush near where I grew up. I guess they'd be considered an environmental weed now. Nigella, or love-in-mist, is self seeding through much of the garden. Every now and then I throw another packet of seeds around, because you can't have too many. The foliage is feathery and graceful. Buds, flowers and seed pods all have beautiful shapes. Lots of weeds. Not to worry. Must plant more seeds, cuttings and seedlings. Planting is the key to a good summer garden. Weeding can wait.

G was also made very happy later today by the victory of the old dark navy blues. Footy has been a source of constant dissappointment to him some years now. I try to comfort him by saying that it will get better. It is no comfort though, because the only thing that matters in football is winning. I enjoy going to the footy with G, but only if there is a good chance of victory. Going when there is no chance feels (to me) like punishment. There was much prancing around and playing of a certain record and the singing of a certain song late this afternoon. Go Blues!

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Leisl said...

Oh no! Get better soon!