Garden play

It feels like spring will be here soon. The days are getting longer and warmer, buds are bursting and my garden is full of weeds. I can feel that the garden will have a really big growth spurt quite soon and there are a million things I want to get done in the next week or so. Like weed the onion patch and sow some more seeds and seedlings, sow more broad beans and snow peas, more lettuce and spinach and coriander. And help the existing snow peas onto their trellis. And plant all my cuttings and heaps of flower seeds.

Today while my mum was here to chase Grace around the garden and stop her from eating rocks or cat food, I knocked off a job that has been on my to do list for about three months. I lined some wire baskets with tea tree bark from the street trees near my mums house and planted them with succulents and hanging cactus to be hung on the fence and off the shed. I also repotted a few plants that are struggling and moved them to better spots. I'm not  good at remembering to water so my pots have to be tough and hung where they will get rained on.

It was so good to be working in the garden with the sun on my back. I just want to do it all again tommorow but probably won't because Wednesdays are a whole different sort of day. I'm also feeling the need to finish my winter sewing projects so I can start on our spring/summer looks.

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